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holiday haul = collection update

I got a lot of amazing Pokemon merch over the holiday, including one very big surprise. I would like to post all of it, but for now I am only going to post my 3 main collections. I'll save my side collections and various other goodies for another post. I have more stuff on the way anyway. :D


From This:

To This:

Most of my flats are missing, but I have to say my Lugia collection has grown quite a bit since my first update. =p

Here are the close ups:

Bootie Tomy is too cute. ^_^ I like it more than my authentic one.

My Pokedolls, with a peek at my bootie doll too. =p
I was on the fence for so long about getting a Lugia Pokedoll. I used to think they were so ugly, but when I saw this minky cutie for sale, I had to have him. And Shadow Lugia! It doesn't have its tags, but that is fine with me. I'm more than happy to settle with a tagless real one than a fake.

My Hasbro electronic Lugia. Possibly the most loved item of my collection, with an entire photostory dedicated to it. I have a history with this figure after losing out on one when they first came out when I was a kid. It was a dream come true both for my childhood and adulthood to finally have one. And beside him is my PC plush. My jaw dropped when I stumbled upon a stock photo of these. Sadly, it was during the current BW era, so pickups for these were long gone. I saved up to buy one on Ebay, but found this one here on the comm on Thanksgiving for half the price. :D

Again, my bootie Pokedoll that was given to me by a member of the comm as a gift. =p
Poor thing, you can't help but love derpiness of this level.

And this, this was the most epic Christmas surprise I have gotten in a long time. I knew what most of the presents under the tree for me were, since I ordered them and my relatives compensated me for the cost. But when I saw two big white feet coming out of one box, I was confused. But this guy came out!

Even the tag is gorgeous. I can't get over this plush, especially since I never thought I would have one because of the price I have seen them set at on Ebay. I've yet to get a good cuddle in. I'm afraid of getting him dirty. I wouldn't even let my boyfriend touch him.


From This:

To This:

Lots of plushies. ^_^
It's both a joy and a curse to have a starter as a collection.


From This:

To This:

(plus some Sephiroth love =p)
Everyone always asks me why I have two Lapras Pokedolls. I'm very OCD about symmetry.
Not a lot has been added to my Lapras collection. It's pretty much finished for me, minus a few small items.

And here are my newest gets:

My Tohoku babies from Gin. ^_^
That bell is too cute. My cats are very tempted by it. XD

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