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Hello community!!

As normal, i have been around the community for quiet a bit now. I had not introduced myself formally yet. I go by lilly most places. And i LOOOOOOVEEEE eevee :3. My collection sadly is not mostly eevee, but things from my childhood. I've been collecting pokemon sense pretty much the very very beginning. I started with cards, to toys, plushies, and then just about anything i could get my hands on. I faded out of it a few years in high school. But quickly got back into it. Im sure i've shopped from a few of you already, and cant wait till the day i have more eevee (and eeveelution) goodies.

The reason i waited to introduce myself, was my collection... it was in boxes, as i was packing/moving/unpacking and hadn't set up a good place for my stuff.

Well now its all set up! So here is it!
(sorry if the images are huge, or this cut is done wrong...i never made a cut before :P)

The collection!

Most of these are the Ty beanies and mcdonalds toys

childhood toys mostly...they are pretty loved, most of them are lost or gone

the island cards, never ever removed from their packaging

this set...at one time...had a cover...idk what happened to it over the years

my canvas! something i really want to collect and be proud of! also monopoly, which has all the parts...its actually only been played twice

The start of something great! i have three more eevees on their way and a jolteon pokedoll (the were GAs just waiting on last payments) and last night...my holy grail the 1:1 eevee i paid half off... omg best night of my life, i think that is what pushed my to set the shelves up, i cant get that and not have a place for it!!

its a blanket my best friend made me!

i have about double this now...this picture is old :P

I have all 151 pokemon cards, and all the trainers from the 1st gen/addition. I would show pictures, but they are all with my nephew (who i also got addicted to pokemon) and he lives a state away. But i don't fear they are in bad hands he knows how important they are to me, he also has my gold plated cards.
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