achemillamillamilla (alchemillapkmn) wrote in pkmncollectors,

little collection update!

My first one! It's nothing huge, but my collection is kinda starting to look like something. :)

The set up so far!

Applause Cubone needs some help with that crooked nose. ;)

It's not much! But I quite like it. And you'd think I'd have the staple Tomy and Kid(s)... I'm hoping I can find someone that has them both for sale to save on shipping. :P

I know his plushes aren't ultra rare or anything, but it feels like some kind of accomplishment to have them both. Thanks to [info]tailglow for pointing out the Applause, and [info]rgmusashi for auctioning the reversible!

[info]rgmusashi also sent along this note with an adorable doodle:

This is my first time owning a zukan, too, and gosh Cubone is so adorably tiny!
My plush family is growing a tiny bit. Everything Hasbro is from my childhood, so it's only a few new things here. Don't laugh at pikaslipper.

And, just for fun, some Black and White kirinuki nori:

Fun shapes! :D

That's all for me! I'm still after Pokemon Time Cubone stuff, by the way. ;D Please let me know if this post is incorrect in any way!
Tags: collection, cubone
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