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Osaka vacaatioonn! :D

I went on vacation to Osaka for the first time last week! Naturally I made time to go to the Pokemon Center there, as there was one thing I really wanted...

I always go to the Tokyo PC, so this was my first time visiting another one! The layout of the Osaka PC is totally different, and of course the mascots are, too.


Whereas the Tokyo PC is self-contained, the Osaka PC is in the middle of a department store floor, so it's on a floor with lots of other stores in an open space. The mascots greet you here!


After I did my shopping, I stopped to play pokemon in the Union Room. (Osaka's is really nice/beats sitting outside playing Pokemon like you're usually reduced to at the Tokyo PC...) All of a sudden, there was a celebrity sighting!!


It's Pikachuuuu! He was getting swarmed by the kids. :D

I have to admit I like the Tokyo PC a lot more, although I prefer the Osaka PC goods... The lines were INSANE--way worse than I've ever seen them in Tokyo--and it was hard to get around the store. But I managed to get my one Osaka PC desire:

The special Pikachu! It's so cute. I can't believe how cheap it was, too, considering it comes with a mini-Pikachu, and it's a special anniversary item.

While I was in Osaka, I also went to the aquarium and got...:

A whale friend for giant Wailord. Yeaaahh! Not a pokemon, but still cool, so you'll forgive me, right?

Now, time for some small post-vacation sales and an inquiry about the new years pokemon plush!

First, the New Year sleeping pokemon special: I'm planning on going to the PC to get a set of these plush for myself, but I don't want all 3 of them. Would anybody be interested in the Tepig or Snivy for 40$+shipping? I can't guess what shipping would be until I have them, since I can't judge how heavy they are, but I figured I'd do a feeler to see if anyone's interested.

Now, sales from Osaka!

Things to note:

*I live in Japan. All items will be shipped from Japan, and mailing costs will depend on the weight of what's shipped and what country you live in! I ship via airmail unless otherwise requested. PLEASE remember to include your country when asking for shipping quotes.

*All prices are in USD, and payments will be made via Paypal, unless you live in Japan and want to do a furikomi instead.

*I usually go to the post office a couple of times a week and will let you know once your package is in the mail. Sometimes I am delayed in mailing when I have to work a lot of overtime at my job, but I will try to keep you updated.

*I can hold items for 24 hours. After that I will offer to the next person.

*I will pack items to the best of my ability, but once they are handed over to the post office, they are out of my control. In the event that something does happen to your package, I will give you a 50% refund.

*DON'T TRY TO HAGGLE PRICES. I generally do not make profits on my sales, just make up for the cost of visiting the PC and buying a few things for myself, and my prices are really low as it is.

*Sales permission was granted by denkimouse in January 2011.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments! :D Thanks for looking!

I LOVE THESE MEMO PADS SO MUCH!! Which is why I unfortunately went crazy and bought a lot of them and then realized that there's no way I can use this many memo sheets, haha. These are really cool because they have an awesome design, they're really fun to flip through, and each memo block comes with sheets in about 15 different designs, including pokemon and the trainer sprite in a bunch of different poses! These are probably my favorite memo pads I've ever seen the PC release... I just have way too many of them now!
8.50 each Available in: N, Cheren, Bianca

Blitzle Pokedoll 15.00, babby Woobat 9.00 Pikachu and Meowth Osaka special plush 21.00 each

Pokabu, Pikachu, Meowth 10.00 each

Ornament sheets!
A (scraggy, victini, etc) B (pikachu heart, psychics, etc), C (minccino, ducklett, etc) 3.00 each
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