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(hey! the pkmncollectors AIM chatroom is still up and active (when people are awake that is). just get on AIM, add yourself to your own buddy list, and invite yourself to the chat "pkmncollectors" for random babble with other members!)

whoaaaaaaa!!!! all the jumbled up messes that were our sales permission page and wall of shame and group auctions rules are all fixed up so nice and sweetly?!?

but GIN!! the layout and sidebar are still UNUPDATED and A JUMBLED MESS. do something!! .....okay, we will! you have until january 10th to get in your application to be our NEW MODERATOR with focus on ORGANIZATION/LAYOUT!! go check it out!

but before we begin... did you non-paid users notice the lack of ads on the comm? thank you dakajojo for buying PKMNcollectors a paid account!! merry christmas to us!!! THANKS DAKA!!!


THE OFFICIAL RULES AND GUIDELINES PAGE has also been totally updated, all of it is up to date now, in accordance with any minor new rules mentioned in recent modposts. some other handy things are a more clear way to contact the mods (and for what), how to check the modposts and use their info, etc.

notice "charms" and "canvas" are also tags. PLEASE LOOK OVER THE TAGS. so many people use them wrong! for example, "auctions" is for your own auctions! "group auction" is for a group auction! anyway please look them over:

The Pokemon's Name! (currently this links to Pikachu. Just replace "pikachu" in the URL with the pokemon you want!) You can include a tag that is the name of the Pokemon/s included in your post. If you have 40 different Pokemon in one shot, pick the main ones for the tag.

Tags for Pokemon Merchandise
info (my favourite tag, for info and news on upcoming and new merchandise! MERCH SPOILERS ALERT! :D)
kids (for posts focusing on pokemon kids)
zukan (for posts focusing on 1/40 scale zukan figures)
mpc (for posts focusing on the amazing new My Pokemon Collection plush line)
pokedolls (for posts with pokedolls and/or pokedoll related merchandise/info/etc!)
canvas (for posts featuring the pokemon center canvas plush line)
charms (for about metal charms -- a much bigger deal than you'd imagine...)
plush (for all other plush posts)
figures (for anything that is a figure!)
cards (for TCG and other card related things!)
mirage plush (for any post pertaining to the mysteries of the mirage plushies!)
bell plush (for posts focusing on the often-posted bell plush series)
games (for game or DS related merchandise - please note game strategy or game discussion in general is off topic!)
people (for posts focusing on the human characters of the pokemon franchise)
books (for manga, doujinshi, or other bound items!)
jakks (for posts with toys and goods by the USA company jakks pacific!)
tomy (for posts with toys and goods by japanese company takara tomy!)
pokecen (for posts with toys and goods by the pokemon center, or anything else about the various pokemon centers!)
custom (for any custom pokemon - plush, artwork, sculpture, commissions, etc)
banpresto (for posts with toys and goods by the japanese UFO catcher company banpresto!)
ensky (for posts with toys and goods by ensky, which makes keshipoke, retsuden stamps, amada stickers, etc!)
collection (for when you post your collection photos and updates!)

Tags for the Community
sales (for your sales!)
shipping status (for posts informing folks about any shipping status updates for your sales)
auctions (for your personal auctions you are running on the community or eBay, etc)
group auction (for group auctions and group buys)
questions (for questions and queries!)
payments (to help find posts about payments)
totals (to help find posts that compile people's totals owed, usually for group auctions)
wanted (for your wanted list or posts about items you are searching for)
modpost (use this tag to search for posts by mods!)
contest (this tag will be used when there is a contest going or as a way to archive past contest entries)
theme (this tag will be used for when we do theme week/month activities!)

gen5 (this tag was a placeholder before we know Gen5 english pokemon names. don't use it anymore!)

SALS PERMISSION has made it much more clear how you can get permission without feedback, and also lists EXACTLY what getting sales permission entails, along with some other nice little tweaks. thanks much to godudette for help with design and wording!

WALL OF SHAME will still be changed around a little bit due to the upcoming feedback system, but for the most part is updated properly. i will probably be adding dates to show WHEN people were banned or around when they went missing... this will just take some time.

GROUP AUCTIONS are much the same as before, except now easier to read and check for what you need to check. but read it over again anyway before doing a GA just to be sure!! thanks so much to dewott for helping me condense and simplify these!

oh look, there is some new mascots for our two offsite pages, feedback and group auctions. galvantulas need to keep track of and organize their herds of hundreds of little spiders, just like GA runners!

but what is N doing there and why isn't he clickable? NO MATTER HOW I CLICK I CAN GO NO PLACE!!!! WHERE IS THE FEEDBACK.... i want to go to the feedback!!!

oh feedback, where have you gone? why have you forsaken your people?

(to be continued....)
Tags: modpost
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