Emily (papercaked) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My local Japanese store / price check

Hi everyone! I'm trying not to lurk around as much - so I bring questions! My local Japanese store sells a BUNCH of Pokemon plushies (mostly Tomy/jakks, but there are a few Canvas hiding here and there), and I wanted to check and see if they weren't overpriced before I bought some.

If I spell anything wrong, blame autocorrect, not the fact that I'm up at 1 AM! :D

I could stare at this wall all day

I'm not positive on each individual price, but I know the Jirachi canvas is $25 (it's a lot smaller than I imagined it would be!). Is that reasonable? And if you have a general idea on prices for individual plush, that would be great! I'm not very familiar with plush pricing. ^^;

Gen 5 plush range from around $15-$25, and the older ones are all over the place.

Next time I go I'll definitely write down the prices for each plush, and get better pictures! I missed the Pikachu corner. >.>

And my first collection update will happen soon! ^_^ Thanks for your help!

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