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A very waterfilled pokemon christmas

Alright finally for some updates (christmas and collection :3)!!! My final Christmas presents came (pokemon related) though dunnu what my fiance got me -is super curious- i actually got lucky on some last minute pokemon gifts ;o; i guess tis the season AND OMG IS IT THE SEASON -so hyper- XD

I got a little festive and dressed up Teddiursa in a santa hat and scarf D: he looked so cute XDD and was fun to do plus his little hook on his head was perfect for a decoration i should do more next year ;O;!!!

looks like a little cape thingy more than a scarf on the pic ;o; super santa Teddiursa ._.;;;;

Numel is just hanging around in my tree 8D he is made by me and is a cutesy wiggly fellow~!




MY SAILOR WAILORD ;O; -frantic- wailord is so hard to come by i just bit gave up on his older stuff ;o; everything seemed so rare ;_________; made me afraid to go after him even if i love him so! im glad i didnt give up

my sailorwail <33333333

SANTA WAIL CAME IN THE PACKAGE :O i knew santa wail was on my side *___*

and off he goes riding away on orca and onigiri plush is just there to show my ecstatic happiness *__* my god i love him so much!!! ii have wayyy too many pokemon to name this time and im stuck on namees ;o; generic sailor dave comes to mind ;_; whyyy...nevermind this madness ill name him Captian Jack.

AND I GOT A CUSTOM WAIL FROM THE MOST AWESOMNESS! person eva ;___; i cried when i opened it......... thank you once again toedychan she is urber awesome ;__; i think she extrayed my lack of wailness XD

I introduce you to!!! Squarelord or sqailord 8DD he is like a mini pillow wailord all square! this is my first custom plush of a pokemon ;o; <3 i love him lots and he makes a nice cuddle buddy <3 <3

isnt he adorable!!!! ;o; annd he is pastel colors which i love!!! he has th :l face which amuses me xDDDD i named him Ru thought it was cute XD and im thinking of rubix cube ish for some reason ;o;

chub chubs ru D: diet for you D: i love his squareness ;o;

tickling the ru :D he is soooo cute i love him so much ;o;!! he occupys my bed all the time XD!!!!

Onto my Lappy!!!! Iv been wanting a pokedoll for awhile now and a minky one at that ;o; i never had a pokedoll so i didnt know what to expect and i dont know why i love water pokemon a bit too much!

YAYYEH ITS MY LAPPY ;O; bought from cyritic

in a cute heart filled bag <33 unfortionally he was attacked by the mail man and he put a bag over him saying he was attaced :l shame on you mail man! ><!!!!! But!!!!! she was ok and unharmed! also the package had lotsa stickers on it :D was super cute! and gave me a free sticker sheet i thought that was super nice ;o;! I LOVE HER! i named her Poppins like Mary Poppins :DD


Doesnt she look dashing in her pink straw hat :DD i love her ;O; shes soooooo soft and she does feel like marshmellows poppins is so kawaii <3

she had a fun time riding ru :DD

Ruu surfing USA :D

box of mystery pokballs :D i orderd this for one thing and one thing only ;O; and youll figure out why xDDD

eeeeeeeee <3

WAILORD PENCIL TOPPER!! i was missing this ;__; !! and i was lucky enough to run into a lot of them mint in package! got super lucky @__@ ill be selling the rest once i get my sales post up (Got sales premission finally ^__^ )

sorry for blurry pic i didnt see it was blurry ;o; but you can tell what they are XD i checked all of them to see if they where broken and i took a pic of them as well ^w^ they are super awesome ;O; lovin my wailord! Also they come with a tiney sticker with each one which i think is really neat XD

Ru Poppens and Captian Jack all takeing over my poke balls and mini wailord topper!

chhheese big grin <3!

fun to stack 8D

I also got this super awesome small and big whale  fin charm ;o; for my braclet anddd my necklace from my parents ^__^ i love them~ i can think of it as wailords tale :DD

so shiney *____*

Sideways picture why wont you stay up ;-;! photobucket is makeing this pic sideways for some reason no idea but!!! whismur cards finally my whismur collection update XD!! none water pokemon but D: whismur ;o;

YAYYEH cant believe i found so much new stuff ;o; tons of diff things i got from the community and ebay and the little whismur figure is made by me i call him the rag doll ;o; i love him fun to toss around 8D. Also WHISMUR COIN!! ;O; YOUR SO SHINEY!! <3 its really nice i love it and the keychain is super cute!! love it all!

Last but not least <3 whismur card i forgot to add into a pic XD

Bought this playing game card from meeka_meerkat so cute ;o; whismur <3

sorry for so much img heavy post was waiting to give updates ;O; sorry -runs off into the abbys-

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