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Grail Arrived + Small Christmas Update

Just a quick post to show the latest addition to my collection, an old favourite and a grail of mine. I'm so thankful to cyritic for being so patient with me and selling him to me, he was definitely worth it! :D

YES it is indeed the Red Gyarados plush! Despite not actually collecting Magikarp or Gyarados, as soon as I saw this beautiful beast I decided it was instantly a grail of mine. Gyarados was always one of my favourites from the First Gen - I love its design and I love its shiny colour too! This plush was made from my favourite material, beautifully detailed and made and best of all it was poseable (and I adore poseable plush! X3) I never thought I would be able to afford it but cyritic allowed me a bit of time to get my money together and now I cannot be happier with him. ;w; I'd love the chance to own his buddy the Gold Magikarp, but alas I don't think that will happen any time soon so I'll just be happy with what I have now~

She also sent some freebies: Druddigon and Lugia figures and some stickers! :)

More shots:


Chilling with my 'random' collection - those 'mons I don't really actively collect but can't help but want plushies of!

Pikachu trying to copy his expression? No you look too happy Pika!

Also a small Christmas update since I actually got a few Pokemon related things this time. :) My parents bought me Super Pokemon Rumble for the 3DS so I've been having a lot of fun with that! And my friend from Newcastle found TY Beanies in a local comic store. These I was kind of actively collecting since I learned about them but the nearest Tesco I know that has them here is a reasonable distance from me since I don't drive and they didn't always have different ones. Still after a few expeditions I gathered most of them myself, the only ones I needed were Oshawott and Axew. So thanks to my friend I now have them all! ;o;

I also got a late present from my best friend yesterday - she painted this super cute Wooper mug! <3

Last of all I got a few extra things for myself that came around Christmas - Mystery Dungeon Shinx plush and the tiny Treecko figure that came in those sets with the houses. I'm actually actively looking for the whole set right now (as well as other Mystery Dungeon merch!) I'm also more interested in Natu, Xatu and Grovyle things lately. X3
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