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Hyper Collection Update for the new year! And store notice :3

Just in time to celebrate the new year, I thought I might as well show my collection, it has grown sooo much since I joined this place :D

This is my newest display case, with only hoenn merch.^^ The new canvas plushes are so great, and so is the Pokemon Time merch!

My Chikorita case! It's probably nothing on the specialised collections of most members here but I still like is so much^^(although my 2011 Chikorita Canvas looks ultra chubby XD Chubbyrita anyone?)

Johto legendaries case. Nothing much to say here, I think the Johto legends look really great teamed up.^^

One of my Sinnoh cases, Buneary Canvas is sooooooooo cute, it looks just like Buneary is supposed to look x3

The other Sinnoh case(sorry for blurry picture), the Mismagius was a kind of recent purchase. Turtwig looks like he is trying to look into her face from above her hat XD

And my second Hoenn display! With my (finally) complete 10th Anniversary Hoenn Starter Trio Pokedolls and the Pokecen Azurill Plush Keychain, which I've never seen on this community as of yet :3

Pokemon Time stickers! They're actually on my sticked onto my wallpaper with poster strips, they're so adorable!

Hoenn starter Pokemon Time clearfiles :3 Used as posters XD

Lotad clearfile! The flowers on the dumplings on this one are really pretty<3

Skitty Clearfile, yay! It's right next to my computer screen.^^

Hoenn Canvas  sticker set! Just above my computer screen :3

And even more stickers! I really love Mawile and Milotic on this sheet<3

First half of my Johto Doll display.

Second half of my Johtodoll display.^^

Second Johto+Kanto display. Very bad lighting on this one>.<

The other part of the Johto+Kanto display

Unova display part 1! Joltik looks sooo adorable on top of Whimsicott X3

And the other part of my Unova collection. Just got the Oshawott and the Woobat today.^^

Closer look at the new Oddish Charm Set! I think Glooms new pose is really cute :D 

And last but not least, my christmas presents! This pillows are awesome beyond words, but I'll leave them in their transparent packaging, so they won't get dusty or dirty :3

Also as a reminder, the christmas discount on my shop items will only last until January 6th, so please take a look! They're pretty cheap!^^

Here's the link: http://gsc-fanboy.livejournal.com/1786.html

So with everything said... Happy new year ! I hope all your collections will continue to grow through 2012. :)

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