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Guys, I want to show you something. The apple of my eye, my pride and joy, my baby that I spent pretty much all of last week working on. And it's not even a grasspoof. No, it's...

This new system completely replaces the old LJ-comment feedback system. ALL feedback from now on, negative and positive, will be hosted on the new system, and feedback left as LJ comments will no longer be valid, either here or on one's personal LJ.


Just log in with your LJ username! (You'll need to be logged into LJ first, as the system passes login through LJ.) You should be right to log in now even if you have underscores at the start/end of your LJ name! Once you're logged in, you can save your email address to be notified whenever someone leaves feedback for you, and link to your old feedback. You get one old feedback link! If you're like me and have had the same feedback thread since you joined the comm, you can link to that, or you can make a public post in your LJ and link to all your past feedbacks like this. This is optional, but highly recommended!

  • All positive and negative feedback is on this system now, there is no separate negative system.
  • Feedback in the old system generally used a rating out of 5, but most people just used 5/5 all the time so this was deemed unnecessary! You can now simply leave positive, neutral or negative feedback.
  • There are no separate sections for items bought/sold/traded. If you like you may put these (along with anything else you'd like to say) in the comments section, but this is completely optional! You can leave this section blank if you like.
  • There is a field where you can link to the thread where the transaction was made; again, this is optional.

denkimouse has volunteered to enter all the existing negatives by hand, so don't worry - you will be able to see these easily on the new system too!

Things it does:
  • Lets you (actually, makes you) log in through LJ, so your feedback account is linked to your LJ account.
  • Gives you easy ways to leave feedback, view feedback anyone has received and left, filter by rating and see who's on the Wall of Shame for receiving 3+ negative feedbacks.
  • Gives you a direct link that people can use to leave feedback for you.
  • Lets you respond to/follow up on negative feedback.
  • Comes down your chimney on Christmas Eve and leaves you presents. (Okay, that was a lie.)

Things it doesn't do:
  • Handle username changes! If you are changing your username and want to carry your feedback over, please first log into the system with your new username and then contact me (for now) with your old and new usernames and I'll arrange for that.
  • Accept people who use LJ through other sites, as this would have caused issues leaving feedback for them before they sign up. If you use pkmncollectors by logging into Facebook, Google or some other service and you'd like to use the new feedback system, please upgrade your account to a full LJ account by going to your LJ account settings page.

This post also serves as the official feedback system support post, at least for the moment. I have tried to make the system as clean and easy to use as possible. If you have any questions about it or any suggestions/requests, feel free to comment here and I will reply to you as best I can! This is not a final release, there are always improvements that can be made and I already have some planned features to implement in later versions :) While I have tested it, it is a brand-new system and it was tested on a different server, so if you get an error please tell me what happened!

Also, thanks to everyone who tested the system, you guys gave me some great feedback and suggestions! And a HUGE thank-you to denkimouse who fronted a lot of cash to host the system when our current hosts just weren't cutting it.


If you're getting an error like "No usable OpenID services" when you try to log in, it's likely you have a custom style and didn't include the LJ headers. Please visit this LJ FAQ and ensure that your journal has at least one of those tags (I recommend using one of the first two, as they also give you all the tags for other feeds etc). If this still doesn't fix your problem, please let me know what error you are getting!
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