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Massive End of The Year Update!

* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
* Feedback
* Collection Site w/ Top Wants List

Well, in my last collection post I said I'd have a hugeeeeee update in December! So, here it is :)
Unfortunately, I'm still waiting on some things but I really wanted to post before the year is over!

In the last month and a half I have acquired some grails/mini grails/highest wants along with many other great things!

It's crazy to think a year ago I had about 20 pokemon (old tomys, gashapon figures from the last 5 years, a few jakks figures, 3 plush) I now have around 379 things!? Just did a super quick count so I mightve messed up but either way it must be over 300 (with customs included)! And I'm still waiting for about 15 plush from trades/buys and a few figures xD!

At the end of the entry I shall do a recap of my favorite gets of the years and my goals for 2012!

WARNING Very image AND text heavy!
FFFFFFF removed the pics from my weebly without thinking so half the pics dont show now /fail XD

I'd been wanting these 3 kids since July, so happy to finally have them. Slakoth kid might be my favorite kid ever, so cute! He has all this fur sticking up (but Murkrow is covering it here) X3 And his mouth is slightly indented which surprised me since none of my munchlax kids have indented mouths.. Got these from kyogres

Awesome trade package from mandysaurus_rex! I love the art portfolio so much! I really want to hang everything up but i dont want to use pins or tape on them so i'm waiting to get sleeves that fit them ^^; Will have to keep most of them in a binder though! And my first Scraggy plush <3333 Scraggy is my favorite BW pokemon (I think... so hard to choose) and I just love pulling his pants up and down X] AND THAT GOAT IS SO CUTE TOO I'd been wanting atleast one mew kid, this one is so cute <3 I also can't tell you how much I love that Buneary figure ffffff X] My celebi collection has grown quite a bit, ahh i just love her <3 I always want a few things of Azurill line, happy to have Marill tomy finally but still need to get the others sometime X] Oh and I am so in love with the Pupitar zukan piece! I feel he is often overlooked between Larvitar and Tyranitar (i even disliked him for the longest time) but fff he is actually really adorable XD Once I get the full Larvitar zukan I'm going to paint the extra pupitar shiny :)

I got this giant package from tissuepaperpet THERE'S A GRAIL IN HERE! Know what it is?? Eh eh?
Probably not XP So i'll just tell you, TOMY CROAGUNK PLUSH 8D I had given up hope ever owning it because I had never seen it for sale or even in anyone's collections and the one i saw on ebay was too pricey for me...then tissuepaperpet had it for sale in a croagunk lot I couldnt afford on my own and I was really sad until I split the lot with dukeburger :D! <333 The zukan and kid were also high wants and I'd always wanted snubbull things realllyyy badly so this package was just all around awesome! The jiggly plush are pretty derp XD;

Giant Tomy Munchlax i've wanted hardcore since july when I saw it, so cute and squishy and big hehe X3
The other Munch is so happy and it makes me happy <3 Much love to ewokie for selling them to me!
Now... GLACEON deserves a little story! Back in May (which is also around the time I first started actively collecting) mojokins randomly found Leafeon at rite-aid. She didnt buy it at the time and then I looked it up and saw it was rare and pricey and told her 'aww you shouldve bought it and sold it!' Well she went back there again eventually and luckily it was still there and tagless so she got it for $5 and sent it to me as partof my bday gift! Of course I needed a Glaceon to go with it but then saw unbelievable prices for him so I pushed him out of my mind. One night I was randomly browsing pokemon plush on ebay and saw both Glaceon and Leafeon for '$6 OBO' So i offered $5 on glaceon and the seller accepted.. I decided to add Aipom since I'd been tyring to get one for just as long X3 I got the pair of them for 13.50 :3!

Lots of kids and other figures from shiningmew! I put off buying buneary things for so long and then in the span of a week or something i had a plush and 4 figures XD! I usually try to stay away from 'same pose syndrome' but buneary is so adorable I don't really mind that 3 of the figues basically look the same X3 I really want the kids I'm missing! The other figures I kept wanting everytime I saw them but putting off as well so when Shiningmew lowered prices I jumped on just about everything X] I lovelove Gligar <3

CANVASSSSSSS. I really wanted to post when these came but held out til now XD Charmander is actually risha_moon's ^^ I had been wanting a really nice Torchic plush all year long, not that I don't like the ones I have but they weren't "perfect" to me. I fell in love when I saw Torchic canvas in the promo picture! I love when the bird plush have their feet out like that X3 And I liked that the top feathers and wings were stuffed since all/most torchics seem to lack that, unfortunately I think the top is a little overstuffed on the canvas XD Overall I'm happy with him but I still feel like I don't have that absolute perfect torchic plush! But maybe it's just because I prefer shiny torchic.. or that I just want every torchic plush ever made :3

Little mini grail of sorts = PMD Chimchar strap! Bought him (and got Xatu free!) from oi_m ^__^
I just love everything to do with PMD.. I want everythinggggggg *O*

A trade package from hamsteh! She was kind enough to fulfill my dream of owning 2 sets of Bidoof zukans X]
The 4 of them just look so adorable together! When I have time I will be modding one set to be male <3 And maybe shiny..

Some Munch things from both jadekitty777 and wildtentacruel
I LOOOOOOVE the clear kid <3 And I used the stamp on all the packages/letters I send out X3
Though I have to say I think that mini Munch is my absolute favorite, despite being the smallest of all my Munchies!

So coooool XD

INFLATABLE CHIMCHARRRRR! From meguroco At first I had decided I didn't need him (for lack of space mostly) and had better things to spend my monies on, but she lowered the price and I bought him on impulse X'D I was a bit mad at myself at first because I didn't have anywhere to put him but eventually I found the perfect spot which you'll see a few pictures down ^^

ANOTHER GRAIL GETTTTT I'm sure you're all thinking, what's so grail worthy about these?! Out of all the Pokemon items I want, Spoink has been on my list the longest! Over a year ago before I was collecting, I marathonned the entire series. I fell so in love with Spoink that I randomly searched for him on ebay and saw this plush. Well everytime I saw it, it was too expensive for me plus I had more restraint back then as I wasn't actively collecting XD Over the summer I thought I finally was going to get him from a trade only to have this person vanish a few weeks later. I kept putting off buying him with that little hope this person will appear again.. when I lost out on buying one from the comm back in november it made me even more determined to own Spoink before the year came to an end. WELL EBAY CAME TO THE RESCUE XD I paid more than I wanted to and I kind of really want one in a better condition sometime ^^; But I'm just happy to finally have him amongst my collection ^^ Cyndaquil came with him and though I don't collect Cynda I've always liked him, so I guess the price was worth it in the end XD I might end up selling him eventually though ^^;

I was squeeling so much the day these 2 came <3! Gengar is from kyogres and Staraptor is from shiny_vulpix I've grown really fond of Gengar this year and happy to finally have a plush though now I want more XD And I dont have any figures of him yet :( Staraptor line are my favorite poke-birds ^_^ I want matching Staravia & Starly *O*
He's so round and I love his grumpy face and little feets hehehe

Also from kyogres! (with Gligar from shiny_vulpix)! I think it's a little less known that these are all some of my top favorite pokemon X]

Some awesomeness from bluehyaku (posable munch from eledora)
I got a second celebi clipping figure to paint shiny :3 I love the Jirachi chou!
And Munch on the pokeball is so much fun to play with that now I want more from that set!

Some neat figures from tufails! Little Kricketot is my fav X] I just adore all diorama figures

Also got Snorlax and Psyduck from her! My first Snorlax item surprisingly ^^;
Teddi was from vaporeonxlover

Also got Starly from tufails, unfortunately the journey was rough on him XD; I glued the trees back on and got the broken peg piece out of the base so now he's almost like new (just not as high as he should be lol)

Ty Axew (one is for risha_moon, Pansage, & Tepig! Now I want oshawott, pika, and snivy too ;o; They're amazing plush!
Definitely some of my favorites now :) Lucario pokedoll I've been longing for since June... just so cute ;____; She was so sweet to trade him to me <33333
Munchlax bound ball is from allinia AHHH too adorable.. now I want a bound ball collection xD

Were getting near the end there, anyone still with me? lmao

MORE GRAIL GETS!!!!!! Like I said earlier, I love everything PMD and this set was my highest want -ever- Because just look at tha Munchlax! FFFFF <3 Then of course Chimchar (who is my 3rd biggest collection) <3 (I got Pika back in october!)
Lotad <333333 YOU GUYS. I really REALLY love lotad. Like srsly love..just as much as Munchlax xD
I put off collecting him since everything is same pose (cuz what more can he do? lol), but after getting music barrel figure of him back in October I find myself wanting absolutely -everything- xD

How many 'tads can you stack huh?

THIS MANY! Seriously, I need more 'tads in my life (along with lombre and ludi lol)* Art in bg courtesy of X3

I found Jessie at the thrift store last week and couldn't believe it O:! 3rd Pokemon item I've seen there (one being a wingless mcd's reshi and the other being mantyke pokedoll i bought) She needs a good painting (as do my brock, ash, and james lol) but for .50 I ain't complaining :3! Now I want Misty too XD

These came yesterday! Love them X]! I've been obsessing over natu/xatu and Gligar lately (and mawile but that's nothing new!)
I have a feeling these 3 along with lotad will be my collection focus in the new year :3

AND THAT IS ALL MY GETS SINCE MY LAST POST XD Thanks to anyone who actually read all that ^^;
Also, I added an entertainment center to my room to stick my pokies on so have a look at my set up below~

I really like all the shelves this thing has but I don't like how low it is or how some get lost in shadows XD; (Not to mention the giant emptyness where the tv would go) but it's still usefull!

This area hasn't changed much, but Chimchar was separated from Torchic /Togepi shelf so I could fit the giant plush with the others XD

Then I moved all my non-poke plush from here and stuck giant Gira there, he was lonely so I put gengar with him XD
I have a gira pokedoll coming in a few weeks :)!

I'm always moving these figures around it seems...can you see hasbro raichu plush creeping in the shadows? LMAO

The previous white bookcase I had is now on the otherside of my room, setup mostly the same as before just a lot more filled out XD
Apparently I like pink, green, purple, and brown pokemons :)

And here is where my chimchars were moved to! (my dresser lol) I noticed the pole was perfect place to put inflatable chim!
Kitties are on the top shelf \o/

These guys are on top of my dresser XD

My big plush that don't fit anywhere else are now all together next to my bed <3

Posters I put up recently! The other night I found shadow lugia and double-sided pmd poster I need to put up still 8D
I forgot to photo the other posters and flats I have up, oh well XD Also forgot to photo the shelves in my closet and now it's too dark to do so XD

And here is my favorite shelf ever


Condensed version <3

End of The Year Recap!
* I started actively collecting at the end of april, I went from about 25 items to over 300 in 6 months ^^;
* Fav plush gets; Lucario pokedoll, tomy croagunk, banpresto staraptor
* Fav zukan gets; croagunk, carvanha, hoothoot
* Fav kid gets; attack darumaka, mawile, clear munchlax
* Fav all time favorite gets; PMD Munchlax and Chimchar!

Goals for 2012
* Acquire my highest plush wants; Larvitar, Gligar, and Lotad!
* Get lots more zukan :]!
* Shiny repaints!
* Make tons of plush and figures!

2012 WANTS! I know a lot of my wants are out of my budget so I might have to turn things down >: more thorough list here!
* Tomy Gligar plush
* Any Lotad plush
* Mcd's Larvitar (or booty one lol)
* zukans: Munchlax, Larvitar, Lotad, Torchic, Chimchar, Shroomish, Cacnea, Duskull, Gligar, Murkrow, Mawile, Snorunt, Ambipom, Spinda, and Ledyba (just about any others as long as prices are under $10) XD
* Any PMD things!
* Kids: Natu, Buneary, Munchlax, Spoink, Snorunt, Gligar, Miltank, Croagunk, many others (note: i only buy kids in batches to make shipping worth it & rarely spend over $2 on a single kid!)

Feel free to share pictures of your favorite gets of the year and your goals for 2012! :)

Thanks for looking at my post, I wish everyone a Happy New Year! ^^
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