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New Years Collection Update + A Couple of Wants!

Thought I'd start the New Year off with a collection update! I just rearranged my shelves and got some great packages/Christmas presents recently =D Here's a quick preview!

I also took a few pictures of a very special pair of gets from recently - a DX Yawarakai Mew and Mewtwo! =D I've kinda sorta reviewed them both but not really. LOL.

Just a enlargement of the preview pic, because it's a better shot of a lot of the other images XD

My favourite pokemon - Jolteon!

My custom Jolteon plush by PeaceFluffles on DA ^o^ I LOVE IT SO HARD! Seriously, it even has paw pads @o@!

My Jolteon stuff =) From the top left: Jakks Jolteon, Clear kid, Cardass card, custom felt magnet. From bottom left: Newer Tomy figure, older Tomy, Zukan piece, attack kid. Plus a kid sticker at the bottom X3 <3 I was so ecstitic to win shiningmew's auction for that zukan piece! ^__^

Close-up of that awesome cardass card - thanks rachelled! I wish I remembered who made me the felt custom ><;; If it was you, let me know! <3

My Jolteon canvas came on Christmas eve ^_^ <3 I was so happy! snagged this from ebay for a great price! I's in great condition too. No tags, but that's not too much of a problem. Although I'd like to obtain the tag some day =)

Cute Emolgas! I think Emolga has the cutest pokedoll ever *o* And such a cute MPC and Loonakit! I've decided I need to fill the centre of the shelves with perla sprites of the pokemon I collect X3 Weighing up buying the supplies myself or commissioning.

Pikachusssss! I don't think there is a collection in the world without a few XDD I look out for cute ones, but I think their section is pretty full now!

Jirachi plush and anniversary zukan. <3 In their temporary spot until some more Tepigs turn up, at which point they will move to... I dunno actually >.>;;

Second favourite pokemon - Umbreon! ^_^ The custom Umbreon was sold to me by Segamew. I was sooooo happy to have it after I thought I'd lost it in that 142 plush auction *0*

Cute felt custom number two! From the same artist ^__^! <3 Also, you can see the cute little Pokemon Time charm, pencil topper and Chupa figure! I just need a Zukan piece, Tomy, VTrainer, Keshipoke and I *think* I'll have all the official Umbreon figures =) If you know of any more, do let me know!

Reshiram and Zekroms! I do like these as version mascots =) I haven't been able to justify the pokedolls yet, considering they are $40+ each and how little room I have for these guys. I think I may even keep them as a figure-only collection/

Eevee was the only collection I ever planned, really. Eeveelutions, yes, but Eevee had been my favourite pokemon since I was a kid =) Now I like Jolteon and Umbreon a lot more than I did, but Eevee had a special place in my heart! The Hasbro beanie on the far right was actually my favourite toy for about four years. =) His ruff got ruined in the rain and I had to keep drawing his nose back on though <3 I really want a better condition one so I can retire him from the shelf and he can come to my bed instead <3 The big Banpresto plush was my grail when I first started collecting, but I got it pretty quickly in a GA for $40! =) My new Eevee main want/mini grail is a laying Banpresto plush! <3

I regret not getting  abetter picture >o<; My brown/tan pokemon. I quite like Bidoof and Entei <3 Love Cubone too, but he lacks merch ;___; Smeagle is there because he doesn't match anything >.>; I'll pluck him from the shelf when it's time to auction him off!

Torchics, Cyndaquils, fire ponies and foxes etc. <3 I really love Torchic. He recently got evicted from the shelf due to Tepig-overflow though =( So they sit next to my bed now. I've pretty recently fallen back in love with the Ponyta line after a replay of Soul Silver. =) Such a shame there is next to nothing for them in merch though D=

More orange pokes that got evicted by Tepigs and Chars ^^; I'm expecting a DX Chimchar pokedoll soon, NO idea where I'm going to have to put them when that arrives =X There's not that much room on my dresser! Off to the left here, you can see the 'misc' pokemon stuff XD Namely Groudon, because he is red and I have no other primarily red pokemon My awesome Diorama is also there, along with two Croagunk zukans and some Phanphy and Muchlaz zukan pieces I need to sell. Latias and Latios used to live with Minun and Plusle, but no room XD

Tepig collectionnn! Soon to expand with a few big plush I'm expecting ^___^ My favourite is the big head chibi plush, but I really love the talking keychain plush almost as much *o*

Close-up of the figuresssss! <3 So many *o* I know there are a lot I don't have though.

Slightly to the right. See the tiny one? Zukan! So small and cute *o*

Related: TEPIG HEADS AND CHARIZARD! <3 This is my bed lolz <3 Don't even know how I fit in it! =D

SPEAKING OF CHARIZARDS! *0* Was sooooooo happy after my last wants post when I was sold both the little Banpresto Zard and the Pokedoll X3 <3 The big Banpresto on the left was from a great seller on ebay and the DX pokedoll on the right was made by cwinget! <3

Close-up of the figures <3 I actually accidentally won a second MIP Charizard VTrainer on Ebay along with Alakikazam, which I don't collect. So I guess that needs to go in my upcoming lot sale XDD;; The TFG arrived broken, unfortunately, but it just needs gluing to the base. The Jakks figure was from a member here =)

Charmanderssss! Yes, there are three pokedolls =) A velboa one, anniversary minky one and a mini version <3 The DX/Oversized one is a grail, but I don't think I'll ever realistically be able to afford it. I'm on the look-out for any mire Charmander Kid figures too =) 

This big Blastoise makes up 1/2 of my completed Blastoise mini-grail. The other is the smaller Banpresto one to his left which was sent to me by slowpuff! *o* I love both of them so much!  The Squirtles are lacking a little D= I have trouble finding them for some reason. The anniversary pokedoll took forever to find, but I'm so happy with it!

Mostly Shinx here! I wanted to expand these into a real collection, but I'm no longer sure I have room. I've gotten *slightly* OCD about colour coding my pokemon too, as you made have noticed XD; So if there's no room under blue, there's no room.

Top shelf <3 Not as nicely co-ordinated as I would like. I've been thinking of getting rid of the Oshawotts in order to make room =X I really don't like Oshawott, but his merch keeps sneaking up on me! The chibi plush, I thought was the smaller 6" version, but when it arrived, I was like 'wtf?!' XD
But wait, what's that dangling blue thing ont he right?

Oh right, it's Riolu. Wailord looks irked by this XD

WAT. I don't recall making a conscious decision to collect either of these =X I do have a Glaceon canvas on the way too. Vaporeon  is squished around the sides - I don't really like Vaporeon >__>; It's my least favourite Eeveelution.

I'm not even fond of Snivy >_> Seriously. Yet I have more plush of him than my favourite pokemon, Jolteon. The Treecko pokedolls are a European velboa and an anniversary minky. I don't like Treecko, but the pokedoll finds were pretty cool =) 

Next, we have the Plusle and Minun shelf. They nearly didn't fit @__@; This collection started when slowpuff very kindly gave me my Plusle and Minun pokedolls ^__^ Thank youuuu, slowpuff!

My favourite figure of them - A Minun pokedoll figure! Ebay had this gem for $15 ^__^ Now to find a Plusle (and Torchic!).

Grey plush! Chinchillas postly, but I'm particularly fond of Blitzle too <3

I thought about collecting Audino and Clefairy for a while, but I really don't have room ^^; Shame. I love pink pokemon!

Mews are directly below them *o* I love Mew. Competative collection though.

Zorua is kind of a mini-side-collection. I love his design, but there is sooooo much merch and I don't have room *o*;; More on that Mewtwo in a moment ;D

Espeons! The top one is a legit Velboa, while the bottom is a very cute bootleg (that I think looks cuter than the real one!)

SHUPPET! He's so purple and pokedoll-y and awesome *o* <3 I love custom pokedolls so much! 

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING MORE SPECIFIC. Chance gets of Mew and Mewtwo DX Banpresto Yawarakai plush <3 When I saw the DX Banpresto Blastoise on ebay, I had to jump on it, but I thought I'd have a look around their store, as they mentioned (in Italian) that they were selling pokemon at discounted prices to clear, and I was paying 25 Euros to ship him anyway. They also had a Squirtle I wanted and a Charmander (that I later realised I already had. Whoops). But as well - they stocked a DX Yawarakai Mew and Mewtwo for a really really low price.

It seemed too good to be true, but their feedback was great and even though they were using stock images a lot, they did say everything was MWT. So I made up an order, and waited. First of all, the tracking number didn't work. Then it took nearly a month, even though I ended up paying 34 Euros for shipping. I was concerned that I'd been scammed and opened a paypal dispute. The seller very graciously responded in English to me and corrected the tracking number, telling me that the package was in Australia now. Then the *next. damn. day.* the package showed up.

Perfection! Mew, Mewtwo, Squirtle and Charmander were all in mint conditions with perfect tags! Blastoise's hands were no longer attached to his belly as I *think* they were, and there was a very small discolouration on one or two threads in his eye, but other than that, he too, was perfect with his tag as well! Closed the dispute =) I'm very happy!

So I'm amazed at how detailed the Mew and Mewtwo plush are *0* I know Banpresto or seen as the Jakks Pacific of Japan, but they really did a great job on these plush! See below <3

FFF SO CUTE! She's mostly made of minky and in a 'chibi' shape.

Tag is identical to Mewtwo, and to be honestly, a little distracting. I'm thinking about removing Mew's, maybe?  It had three plastic thingies attaching it to her head, and the UFO string actually comes out of the top of the tag!

Back of the tag. Now I know where that Pikachu everyone wants comes from XD

Mew feets! So cute *o* Even got it's paw pads and toes in there! Also, super cute tail and wonderfully constructed legs <3

Her eyes are beautiful <3 Mostly embroidered, although the whites are that itchy-feeling fabric.

These are the regular sized versions of this plush. I accidentally won two of them at the same time XD;; The one on the right has a much bigger nose where the one on the left seems to be missing part of it's nose >.>; Lol! Banpresto, you!

Annnd a size comparison. Please excuse my ugly rental-house carpet!

So cute! Look at his 'widdle grumpy face X3 <3

His hands were very well designed to illustrate the 'balls' on his fingers.

His tail was super successful *o* It's got this really nice shape to it and stays up without being sewn to the body anywhere. Also, you can see his back of the neck... *thing* lol. All very well done! You can also see his very nicely shaped legs and feet here =)

And of course, his eye <3 Again, not fully embroidered, but I don't think the plush looses anything from this.

I don't have a Mewtwo regular-size version of this plush to compare to though! Sorry!

And here's one last shot of part of my over-stuffed room XP

Why yes, those are ladders. And yes, I do need them to rearrange my shelves. I'm 5'5''!

I forgot to photograph the poster xwx; It's a game poster that a nice guy in a small games shop gave me when I complimented his pokemon posters =) Thanks, awesome guy!

Lastly, a couple of wants!

Newer Eevee canvas! I think it was from 2009? Hardrock is extortionate and the last one of these I saw sold on here went for $50 shipped. I'd like to spend something around there =)

Jolteon Friends plush. Still no luck finding this one for a reasonable price =(

This Jolteon Kid! Current mission, but I can't seem to find it anywhere =X

Full Colour Stadium Jolteon figure. Only this pose please! I just really like it <3

Also, just a quick note to say that anyone who wants some feedback from me, let me know here or through PM or whatever! I know I'm terrible at leaving it because once items actually get to me, I can't be sure of most people's usernames! XD;; You'll recognise the items better lolz. I shall of course be searching my e-mails for this though too, because of the new feedback system prompting me to do so XD <3

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