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Beginning of 2012 Kids Sale!

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! I hope everyone's collections will grow in 2012 as they did in 2011! Anyways, first off, if you missed the post, the new feedback system went live last night/this morning! And I realize that there are a lot of people who have bought kids from me and have not left feedback. I don't usually like to chase down people to give me feedback, but it IS your prerogative. As such, if you want to leave feedback for me on the new system, click here. :3

Anyway, as I've posted before, I have quite a plethora of leftover kids from October, September, and August. Now that all Decembers orders have been shipped, I have added December kids to the kids sale! :D In order to not clog up the front page, I will just put pictures of the kids for sale below, and explain pricing under the cut!

Ok, so pricing is as follows:

Samurott Set: $5.50 Per Kid SHIPPED
Special Set: $6.00 Per Kid SHIPPED
October Set: $6.50 Per Kid SHIPPED
December Set: $7 Per Kid (Kami Trio=$6) SHIPPED

The kids I have from each set are as follows (please ignore the number next to the kid, that's just the sequence that the kids are released):


557. Palpitoad (1)

563. Golett (1)

564. Golurk (1)
Special Set:

569. Haxorus (4)

570. Excadrill (3)

571. Bisharp (4)

576. Gothorita (1)

579. Cinccino (0)
October Set:

580. Serperior (0)

581. Duosion (3)

583. Eelektross (2)

585. Beheeyem (0)

586. Shelmet (3)

587. Gigalith (2)

588. Mienfoo (1)

589. Pawniard (3)

590. Cubchoo (5)

522. Autumn Deerling (4)
December Set:

591. Landorus (6)

592. Tornadus (2)

593. Thundurus (3)

596. Eelektrik (2)

598. Amoonguss (3)

600. Accelgor (0)

601. Deino (0)

Once you know which kids you want, match them up with the photos above so you are prepared with pricing! Then, comment with ZIP/country! :D SHIPPING DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE if you buy more than 1 kid!

Happy New Year again!

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