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story of how my life got flipped turned otter side down

(trying this post again. is changing servers so if you can't see my pics now and again that's why! sorry!)

hey all! have you checked out the new feedback system by the brilliant tortoises yet? please remember:

►your old feedback still counts! but any feedback left on an old thread after jan 1st 2012 will be null in void! ONLY leave community feedback on the NEW system from now on!
►wall of shame/negative feedback rules have not changed! you still lose sales permission after 3 negatives, and old (relevant) ones DO still count!
►however! i will soon make a modpost for the sole purpose of discussing giving partial bans based on someone's percentage feedback rating and NOT the amount of negatives. this means someone with 3 old negatives and 50 new positives would be out of the doghouse. like the idea? think it over and bring your opinions to my next modpost!
►please also note under rules for sellers we now require you include both who gave you sales permission AND A LINK TO YOUR *NEW* FEEDBACK PAGE! not your old one! this is new so we will only be gently reminding for a while if you forget one or the other. this also applies to GA runners :)

and now... on to the personal part of my post!

i did indeed overdo it trying to bring as many of these home as i did! but...

an amazing girl who saw me struggling with our purchases stopped me and insisted on helping!!! this was AFTER a woman had ALSO helped me hold some of my pair pika baskets waiting in line for the register!

i learned with wailords, i can use belts to lash together many huge bags into a bundle with one handle. it's lumpy and unwieldy but it works! this time i needed to use my scarf too since one belt was not enough. with my two lashed bundles, each one bigger than myself, i marched boldly onward!

the girl had seen me stopping every few steps to rest and insisted on taking one of my bundles despite ALSO have bought her OWN set. we began to talk about pokemon and i told her all about YOU GUYS and how much i love you all. turns out we talked very easily and she even wanted to ride the train with me. we talked and talked and talked. when it was time for me to transfer from tokyo to saitama, she insisted on helping me all the way into saitama too!! WHAT!!!!! she said we were having such a fun time talking she was completely happy to do it. she is a big manaphy fan and showed me her boxes full of manaphies on her game, including some shinies. legit ones! whoaaaa!!!

once in saitama we figured she came ALL THAT WAY so she came over to my house to play! we had fun unpacking all of the plushies and putting them up on my top bunk for safekeeping. her favourite type is bug type, and we had much to say about joltik's cuteness.

she went into the room with the plush to take photos of them all. that room also has lots of my husband's DJ equipment, keyboards, and stacks of his CDs and DVDs (as he is a musical talent here in japan). she nearly screamed from delight! that i was also a fan of his music!!! she was even sad she'd missed out on his latest CD since she could not make it to that event, but had gone to a handshake event with him earlier in the month.


let us just say....we both got quite the shock and had much new stuff to talk about from that point on!!!!

needless to say, after we had dinner together (note, i go to the center in the MORNING! we spent all day pokemonning. how fun!!) she went home with many free DVDs and CDs of my husband's, a set of new eevee charms (she had missed out!) and also one of my extra joltik plushies (she had also missed out!) and we each parted ways having made A BRAND NEW COOL FRIEND!!!

the moral is... if you ever see someone who might really need a hand, you just might end up making an amazing new fun friend. the kindness of strangers, it is crazy wonderful!!

and, of course. i did keep a dreamy plush for myself!! i love weasels and all in their family of mustalidae, which includes skunks, badgers, stoats, wolverines, and....OTTERS!!!

so i do have a VERY VERY tiny mijumaru collection, with his adorable pokedoll and canvas plush, and now of course...THIS BIG FELLOW.

i present my mustelids!

i'll tell you about them :) from left to right, blacky the black footed ferret (an endangered species!), mienfoo of course astride an ermine (what mienfoo and mienshao are officially based on! from sakusha!), a little regular sable ferret hiding in there (from crimson_angel02!!), a MEAN OLD HONEY BADGER, two river otters from the osaka kaiyukan aquarium, the fukuoka train pass mascot ferret designed by playset products (the people who do pokemon time! can you tell? bought when visiting their store with ktmonkeyj!), a big fluffy sea otter with two mijumarus, and at the very right end of the shelf, a wolverine (from flag!).

....and then.... big old mijumaru dreamy plush :) i'd name him fatso but that name is already taken. hmm what to call his fluffy butt?

and now pair pika sales :) i've stocked most of the rest of the available goods, ALL SO CUTE!! please note just moved servers so if you get any errors please let me know!

sunyshore pokemart's new stock
my feedback ;)

thanks guys!
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