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story of how my life got flipped turned otter side down

(trying this post again. is changing servers so if you can't see my pics now and again that's why! sorry!)

hey all! have you checked out the new feedback system by the brilliant tortoises yet? please remember:

►your old feedback still counts! but any feedback left on an old thread after jan 1st 2012 will be null in void! ONLY leave community feedback on the NEW system from now on!
►wall of shame/negative feedback rules have not changed! you still lose sales permission after 3 negatives, and old (relevant) ones DO still count!
►however! i will soon make a modpost for the sole purpose of discussing giving partial bans based on someone's percentage feedback rating and NOT the amount of negatives. this means someone with 3 old negatives and 50 new positives would be out of the doghouse. like the idea? think it over and bring your opinions to my next modpost!
►please also note under rules for sellers we now require you include both who gave you sales permission AND A LINK TO YOUR *NEW* FEEDBACK PAGE! not your old one! this is new so we will only be gently reminding for a while if you forget one or the other. this also applies to GA runners :)

and now... on to the personal part of my post!

i did indeed overdo it trying to bring as many of these home as i did! but...

an amazing girl who saw me struggling with our purchases stopped me and insisted on helping!!! this was AFTER a woman had ALSO helped me hold some of my pair pika baskets waiting in line for the register!

anyway...Collapse )

the moral is... if you ever see someone who might really need a hand, you just might end up making an amazing new fun friend. the kindness of strangers, it is crazy wonderful!!

and, of course. i did keep a dreamy plush for myself!! i love weasels and all in their family of mustalidae, which includes skunks, badgers, stoats, wolverines, and....OTTERS!!!

so i do have a VERY VERY tiny mijumaru collection, with his adorable pokedoll and canvas plush, and now of course...THIS BIG FELLOW.

i present my mustelids!

bigger!Collapse )

and now pair pika sales :) i've stocked most of the rest of the available goods, ALL SO CUTE!! please note just moved servers so if you get any errors please let me know!

sunyshore pokemart's new stock
my feedback ;)

thanks guys!
Tags: mienfoo, modpost, oshawott, plush, pokecen, sales
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