kawani45 (kawani45) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Emolga, Espeon, and Delcatty Wanted

Hi everyone!
I'm new here, and I'm just starting out my pokemon collection. My husband and I are thinking about having a baby soon, and I plan on making the baby room pokemon-themed. So I've decided to start collecting pokemon. I don't have very much right now, but there are a few pokemon plushes that I am looking for. First, I'm looking for an 16 inch Emolga plush for a decent price ($50 or under). Second, I'd like to find a large Espeon plush, 10 inches or more. And lastly, does a Delcatty plush exist? I can't find one anywhere, but I would really like one. Please let me know if you have any of these available, or if you know where I can find them. Thanks for the help.
Tags: delcatty, emolga, espeon, wanted
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