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Auction Reminder - TFG Question - Jumbo Card Pickups - Card Trades

Hi! ^^

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Click the Previous Feedback Link Also here - Link

A few things to discuss in this post:

1) This is the one and only reminder for my Complete Base Set TCG Auction. Click the image below for info on that. It ends this Friday at 11:59pm EST.

2) Went to the flea market this weekend...actually on the 1st. XD! And actually found some things. Good way to start the New Year! ^^ My gets included -

I was shocked to find TFGs at the flea market. :O And they're in great condition. I was wondering, does anyone know how much the Green Trainer sells for? And, would anyone be interested in it? Also, does anyone know what the James figure is? I just bought it 'cause I <3 James. lol.

3) chibi_flare wanted a Pikachu and Pichu Bros. Jumbo card, so I'll be going to the local Pokemon card shop again. I don't make it out there that often, so I've decided to offer to pickup more Jumbo cards for people. I will be going sometime next week.

Here's what they had last time and will probably still have -
Dialga and Palkia (unless there's another jumbo card of them I think this is it) - Link
Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres - Link
Jigglypuff, Clefairy, and Pikachu - Link
Pikachu and Pichu Bros. - Link
Entei - Link
Pikachu - Link
Swimming Pikachu w/ Charmander and Psyduck - Link - this one just about every card has some kind of tiny flaw, so if that's a problem...please let me know. I can try to find a mint one...but I'm not sure it's possible.
Pikachu's Vacation w/ Oddish, Zubat, and Jigglypuff - Link
Regigigas - Link
And then one I can't find a pic of: A trainer card with Pikachu, Electabuzz, Marill, Psyduck, an Squirtle.
All jumbo cards at $10 and then you'll have to pay shipping on top of that. I will also do trade for other Jumbo cards or regular TCGs (though you have to have enough cards to be worth $10).

4) Speaking of card trades! I'm still open for TCG trades. And probably always will be. lol. This, however, will be the last week I can ship immediately. Classes start back next week so I'll be moving back into my college apartment.

My Wants: Link and Link (for cards not listed/pictured on the first site...this includes Dark Rush cards O:)

What I have for Trade/Sale: Link I also have some first edition and Shadowless English cards. The only holo out of those is a 1st Edition Base Set Clefairy.
I should be adding some new cards on there tonight or tomorrow.

If you do not feel like looking through all the cards listed on that site, if you can provide me with a list of your wants, I can look for you. Also, if you have a list or photos of the cards you have, I can look through those.

Cards I am especially looking for (preferably in English if card is available in English):

CoroCoro Shining Mew (only available in Japanese)
Mew Prime
Glameow Holo Promo
Any of the Eevees, Houndooms, and Houndours listed on my wants list.
Jungle Holo Flareon
Here Comes Team Rocket - Link (holo only) and Link (holo and non-holo) (two different versions)
Victini - Normal Sized TCG Card 2 Card 3
N - Reverse Holo Card 2 Card 3
Growlithe and Arcanine - Link and Link
Base Set Charizard in any language except English, Italian, and Dutch. And any of the Base Set Charizard reprints (Legendary Collection, Best Collection CD, and Stormfront).
Celebi and Zorua Jumbo Card
Shadow Lugia Jumbo Card

(I also love cards in alternate languages besides English and Japanese)


Borrowed from Gin...hope you don't mind. ^^;

I'm interested in getting the Pichu charm from both of these sets...if anyone is selling them. Also, if someone is interested in the Pikachu from the new set, I know someone who is interested in Raichu, so if we can find a set for sale, we could split the price.


Thanks for reading,
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