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My name is Lindsey, though most people call me by my nickname, Leilia. :)  I have been lurking around this community for a little bit now, but finally got the guts up to join! XD  Also, I'm completely new to Livejournal, so I hope I do everything right!

I have been a huge Pokemon nerd since early high school(ugh, so long ago now....), when I bought Pokemon Blue to keep myself occupied after moving to a new area.  I was hooked immediately and have been a fan ever since!  Though I was an avid collector of Pokemon items back during that time, I kind of fell away from collecting for many, many years.  Although I still picked up each new game generation when it came out, it was not until this past year when I really became involved with Pokemon again.  I began sculpting with polymer clay, and creating Pokemon characters quickly became on of my favorite things to sculpt!  I now have a renewed love for the little critters. :D

What really pushed me to finally join the community, is that for Christmas, my husband bought me an entire booster box of Pokemon cards from one of the newer sets.  One of the things I was pretty near obsessive about collecting back in high school was Pokemon cards, I had tons and tons of them, and even competed in the Pokemon League tournaments.  However I stopped collecting a bit before the first gold and silver sets started coming out.  Opening up all those card packs just gave me a strong desire to start collecting again. XD

Anyways, enough rambling!  So, my all-time favorite Pokemon is Growlithe, and I loved to collect anything Growlithe or Arcanine related.  I also loved Meowth, and collected any items related to him or Persian.  Here are my collections, though they are rather small at the moment:


Close up of my custom made needle felted Growlithe(made by TheHarley on deviantART), as well as my extremely loved card binder that held all my Growlithe and Meowth cards. :)  I recently had it signed by the voice actor who did Brock and James at a convention I was attending.

Growlithe cards


Meowth Cards



General Pokemon Collection:

Although I really don't have the space or money to seriously collect anymore, I would love to start adding to my Growlithe collection, and probably my Meowth collection again as well. :)  I also love pretty much any canine like Pokemon(particularly the Lillipup and Poochyena lines), and may be interested in collecting some of those eventually as well.

I look forward to meeting everyone in the community, and make lots of new Pokemon loving friends! :D
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