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WTB: Emolgas - Gauging Interest? Squirtle Melon Bread!

Helloooo! Long time no see! After December started Finals slapped me over, and once break came RL stuff came with everyone coming back from break. I've sent out all cards earlier this week ; w ; so please forgive my late-ness. It's also been a bit hard on LJ since all my friends are moving to DW ;orz;;

Anyways I come here with a want on Emolga plushes - BUT specifically only on two items which is the MPC (My Pokemon Collection) Emolga and the Banpresto UFO Catcher Emolga (the tiny 4inch one that is on a keychain)! I'm more interested in the Banpresto UFO Catcher, but if you have the MPC plush please let me know. I am looking for TWO of each also :D

:) I am aware of online sellers and venders that do have the MPC in stock - but if someone is looking to give theirs up for adoption I'd love to take it off your hands. Just as long as it's in good condition and clean- does not need the tag attached or at all, but preferred.

I can pay, but I'll  also offer to make you pokemon parfaits or such instead! Since unless something drastic happens - I don't plan to open any commissions up annnnny time soon, but for those plushes I won't mind.


So since I was making pokemon related things and parfaits for so long a new creation has been made :D
I wanted this item to be more "pokemon inspired" rather than plain out exactly like Squirtle so thus Zenigame no Meronpan was created.

Well rather to be more accurate, I was making normal Kameronpan...but then since I was before doing so much pokemon related things, Squirtle is a turtle also saaaaaa...

Because they are Squirtle Inspired, I decided to keep their eyes the same as the others (also the red looked a bit odd...) and the whites of the shell are lightly on, rather than full out. He's also all "cooked" like the others. :D

They measure to 4.5-5 cm long.

Too bad the real Zenigame no Meronpan that was sold looked like this 8D
However my question is ;; is anyone interested in them? I really made them out of sheer fun, and the normal kameronpan were used to make these keychains , and I plan to use them for various projects.

And anyways if anyone is interested, would you prefer them as a magnet (so they'd look like they're crawling all over your fridge or board), like those keychains, or just as is? Or any other suggestion?

I have to admit leaving it just as it is is fine, since i kept a few to keep on display in my work desk.

If you're also really serious on purchasing one - I do have two avaliable - I can turn them to a magnet, keychain, or leave them just as it is. I'm not thinking of making anymore Zenigame no Meronpan/Squirtle Melonbread anymore, unless there's a big enough interest xD

I'll take offers no less than $7 for just as it is, $8 for magnet, and $12 for keychain (since it comes with much more materials)

edit: Since there are sales just to be safe!

Rules + Information
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Photobucket All Community Rules apply, and all sales are final :D Any other questions, please ask me.
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