vaporeonxlover (vaporeonxlover) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small collection update

i am still waiting for a nice box of plush but i wanted to do an update post with a few things i got recently =]

my newest addition to my sort of piplup collection. She is a talky piplup (she says i love you twice not sure if thats how it was originally but i still "love her" regaurdless).

blitzle is sneeking in XD and here she is again with my new mudkip pokedoll hehe. i love both of them =] i got them in a trade with dinomuffinbot

and now my newest custom.........

yes a new vaporeon!!! she is soooooooo adorable. thanks again to raikourai for making her =]

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Tags: collection, mudkip, piplup, vaporeon
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