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collection update!!

Over the past few weeks I've gotten so much awesome stuff, it would be remiss for me to not post about it! There's so much, I can't help but feel like I've forgotten to include a few things, but this certainly contains the bulk of it- most importantly, my newest collection!

First up... small things! mostly badges, but also Braviary Battrio and kami trio keychain, both Pokemon Fan exclusives. <3 Also, another addition to my Seadras (a very rare thing nowadays)!

New MPC plushies! Rufflet and Tranquill are the newest additions, and I decided to include my entire flying-type MPC collection in one picture... only to forget Braviary! But that's okay, it gave me an excuse to take a picture of all of my eagle plushies together. :D

I'm happy to add a third plush to my Tranquill collection, too!

Braviary MC and MC+ joined my lonely chupa chups eagle!

And my newest collection... the kami trio!

They may be palette swaps, but I think they have such an awesome story, both in-game and the mythology they're based on. It took me a while to warm up to them at first, but being a flying-type fanatic, I eventually saw how awesome they truly are and I'm happy to have a small collection for them. :D But who is my favorite of the three??

The first pure Flying type (barring Sky Plate Arceus), of course!


I've also decided to finally part with my TOMY Lucario plush! I dearly love him but haven't had a place to display him so he's been sitting on a shelf in my closet, and I decided it's time for me to find him a home that will appreciate him better. ;-; Because I'm unsure of his actual value, he's up for offers!

Lucario measures about 13 inches high and is in LIKE NEW condition with his hang tag intact! I originally received him from a Y!Japan auction and he has been dressed up for a previous community contest but otherwise has been on a shelf for display. He does have a few flaws- some glue residue is visible where the fur and vinyl meet on the waist, and two of his aura sensors and one foot wnded up stuck to the wall and shelf surface respectively, causing some paint to stick to those parts. I have cleaned them to the best of my ability, but neither are conspicuous when the plush is on display. Pictures of multiple angles as well as the flaws are as follows:

I'm taking offers starting at no fewer than $35! Shipping & packaging will be $10 to the US via Priority Mail (Parcel Post is only a few cents cheaper!) and $15 overseas and an additional handling fee will be incurred depending on the final price. I will end offers on Wednesday, January 11 at 6 PM US CST, though if I see an offer I really like before then and/or there are no further offers then I will certainly consider ending early.

I've also re-organized and added my remaining pan stickers to my sales post! I can combine anything in my sales with Lucario with no additional shipping charge. :D

Thanks for looking! :D
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