baron von kellogs (kefanii) wrote in pkmncollectors,
baron von kellogs

)': death of a kids group auction

I hate to say this guys, but the auction deputy service I was using to bid on that kids auction just shut down for Golden Week. I'm... kinda furious that they'd close their site which is AUTOMATED for a whole week and not even let me bid anymore! EKAJIGHEIAEHIEAHargh. Anyway. I don't want to use another service because I'll have to deal with extra shipping fees, so I gotta let those kids go. Maybe somebody else can try to get it?

ETA: After frothing at the mouth for a bit, I decided to try Akibado auction service since it's such a GREAT lot. We'll see if they reply and I can try to get it. They're not automatic like Crescent shop so it'll probably be harder.

I hate SMJ. DX
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