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on a happier note

Sorry for two posts in a row but this is much better news!

The items from the American toy group auction are here! :DDD

There are the items reserved for people and the prices:

denkimouse: Raichu keychain and the watch - $6 (the watch seems to be out of batteries but hopefully still works)
soddymothdust: Raticate keychain - $1
light_venusaur: Small Dragonite keychain - $1
flag: Hoothoot ball - $2 (his feet paint is a little worn but otherwise he's great)
tufails: Blastoise, Charmander, and Squirtle Pez, Misty, Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur keychains - $10
taycs: Charmander clock - $6
kari_xiii: Large Blastoise keychain and Ash stamp (thought it was a magnet but nope, it's a stamp!) - $4

Comment to discuss shipping and if you want your reserved item!

Only Pez available is Psyduck but here they are, they're SO CUTE:

SOLD: Jiggypluff, Wigglytuff, Kangaskhan, and Caterpie

Little keychains: $1 dollar each
Large Dragonite: $2 dollars
Chansey GBC: $1
Nidoran Male racing figure: $1.50
Marowak stand: $1.50
Psyduck Pez: $2
Poliwag top: $2
Bouncy balls, Mewtwo also available now: $2
Pokedex: $4
Pink Mewtwo: make offers, apparently it's quite rare

Sales Policy:

- I accept Paypal (echecks included) and post office money orders
- I will put any item on hold for you if you request it
- Shipping will be as low as possible on your items
- I will include a small Paypal fee charge in your shipping price if you pay with Paypal
- I ship items out as soon as I can and promise they'll be in the mail within days of your payment clearing
- Please, if you pay Paypal, include your LJ name and what you're ordering in the messages
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