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[Update and a project!]

Everything bought from me has been shipped out!

Errr, as a further to all of the suggestions to the member feedback being upheld, my thread happens to be here :D

I also have finished a little project I've been working on.

My favourite of the lions is luxray, closely followed by shinx. So a lot of the stuff I draw and focus on is Luxray related, as well as the eeveelutions.
Having completely burned out on commissions, I embarked on two mini projects to try and make myself feel like I am getting somewhere in my mountain of work, and mostly, to make myself feel better ^^;;

Yep, that's right, I made my own grumpy shiny kid ^^;
As one of my friends put it 'They definitely hate the world' XD

The finish on this isn't perfect. And I'm not as pleased as I should be with it. Certain parts could do with another coat...
The smooth finish was achieved by using very high quality model grade acrylic paint, and painting lots of very thin layers. The legs and ears have up to eight coats on them! I procrastinated a lot in between doing them all though XD

Butt fluff!

The only issue remaining is that the paint will damage with handling. I am not greatly appealed by using varnish or fixative, though I guess I'm going to have to at least on the painted bits.
As a personal preference I've never used spray fixative or varnish on any of my work. Hence most has not survived! When working in clay I would prefer to use a glaze, and this also had it's drawbacks (things explode sometimes ;_;).

But, I'm going to make an exception. With varnish/fixative coatings, what have you guys used? And would I have to coat the whole kid or would I be able to get away with using it only on the acrylic painted bits?

Thanks in advance for any advice guys :3

The second project was also a thankyou, and although it's just been finished up, it's dark out now, so I can't take any pictures. So, I'll be spamming you guys with that tomorrow I guess ^-^
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