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Mail is Good~!! ^_^

Yesterday, I got packages from juumou    and pkmn_masta   ! ^_^ Thanks guys! I swear, that little Cyndaquil is a lot smaller than I previously assumed. XD It's so cute. :3

I also got those 1996/98 Pokemon kids in the mail yesterday! ^__^ No clears, sadly. Anyhoo, here's a pic of the ones I'm keeping, excluding Sandshrew. I gave that to a VERY happy kaygee84 . ^___^

These are the ones I'm willing to part with. If I get enough interests, I'll make this an auction. If not, I'll just sell them. meowthcollector   has already expressed interest in Oddish. Please comment if you want any of these. Remember, they are old kids and very hard to find now-a-days. :) Mr. Mime was made in '98 and Oddish was made in '96.

Thanks for looking! ^_^
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