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My Pokémon collections

I have a few collections. Mainly Dialga, Groudon, Ampharos and some Turtwig. I also Collect Tomy figures. I want to get one for every pokemon. The collections I want to start eventually are for Giratina and Articuno. I have many cards as well but there are so many that I will save pictures of them for another day. Ok so on to the pictures of my collections!

First my Dialga collection. Yes it's small but it should grow in due time. Top left is my new Toys R Us 12" Dialga, Middle top is my Tomy Dialga, Top right is my giant plush Dialga, Bottom right is my Diamond version case, Bottom left is my Dialga stylus and underneath everything else is my Dialga shirt.

Next is my Groudon collection. I have the 10th anniversary pillow, The pokedoll, The hat, The Jakks Battle Frontier figure, Some cards, The clear TFG figure, The sticker that came with the Jakks Groudon and my Ruby version box

Close up of the cards. Four are from EX Emerald the fith one is the promo Nintendo Power EX Groudon card.

Close up of the clear TFG figure, The Tomy figure, The sticker and my Ruby version box.

A poster featuring Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza in the Emerald version scene,

Now on to the plushies that I have. The first half include the giant Dialga from before, Groudon pokedoll, Latios pokedoll, Latias pokedoll, Rayquaza pokedoll and a Lucario pokedoll.

The second half include an Ampharos 2000 Banpresto plush, Mini Pikachu plush (I don't know from where), Swampert pokedoll, Turtwig Jaks plush, Umbreon pokedoll, Lugia pokedoll and a Jolteon pokedoll. Those random brown streaks in the picture is some of my hair the got in the way of the camera.

finally a giant charizard plush that a friend gave me to take care of. It needs a bit of a stuffing refill in the neck.

Now for the Tomy figures. The first half includes Dialga, Two different Pikachus, Wigglytuff, The original "albino" mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Celebi, Ho-oh, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Larvitar and my poor Ampharos who got attack by my dog. That will never happen again now that they're all in this cabinet. One of my cats knocked down both my Typhosion and my ampharos and the Dog got a hold of Amphy. Why did it have to be my favorite pokemon?

The second half of the Tomy figures include all of the Johto pokemon previously listed plus Typhlosion, Latias, Groudon and Rayquaza.

The last half of the Tomy figures including Kyogre, Latios, Jirachi, Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip.

Now for some Pins and Jakks figures. You can see part of the Groudon and Lucario Jakks figures. The pins are Dialga (which I forgot to include in the collection picture), Wigglytuff and Articuno

More pins, Jakks figures and Stickers. I have Phanpy, Aipom, Pachirisu, Groudon, Clear Latias and Latios Jakks Figures and I have Lucario Jakks but I guess I never took a good picture of him sorry about that! I also have a Rayquaza patch, Phanpy sticker, Groudon sticker, Aipom sticker, TCG City Champions pin and a Charizard pin.

Rayquaza patch and TCG Badges. I have all of the Kanto badges, Johto was complete until my Zephyr Badge went missing and I have all but one of the Sevii Islands TCG badges.

Now for some Micellaneous pokemon items. Theres that 12" Dialga again. I have here three pikachu tops, Burger King movie 2000 Togepi, a gold Burger King charizard card, Broken Hitmonchan Tomy figure, Burger King Nidorino keychain minus the chain, Golem top, Burger King rolling Slowpoke, Nidoran male TFG figure, Eevee TFG figure, clear groudon TFG again, Pokeball keychain Psyduck, Pokeball keychain Buizel, Pokeball keychain Manaphy, Pokeball keychain Turtwig. Also  to the right edge of the picture near dialga is a Turtwig figure from a Tube tops candy tube thing.

I have some other stuff including a foam pokeball and many cards but as I said, Thats for another day. I hope you all enjoyed my collections.
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