Joy (wereblood) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Okay, I just got a Kabutops card in the mail and I DO NOT remember whom I bought it from. It's this one but Japanese:

If you are on this list I would like to let you know that there is an Altaria card here too and I don't know if you meant to send it but you did. If you didn't mean to send it and would like it back I will gladly send it back. If you meant to send it as an extra, well thank ya!

Also, icarused, I got my kyogre figure a few days ago! It's good to finally have a figure on my pokemon shelf! Thank you SO much!

And yaoi_queen I got my Kabutops and kabuto card! I don't think I annouced that yet but I did get them a little while ago. Sorry!

So this is what I THINK I am awaiting:

Kabuto/Kabutops Zukan
Shinx and Luxray kids
Awesome elecronic charizard thingy!
Kabutops card from kanackering

And Ravestars85! Do you still have the shinx figure you where going to sell me. I never got a reply from you and I was wondering if that was just because you didn't want to sell it anymore or something :)

If I am missing something, owe payment to someone for something, or if any of you have anything kabuto, kabutops, or any of the lions avalible please let me know!

Thank you!
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