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BW03 Zukan!

Hey everyone! The Zukan finally arrived. To everyone who reserved, I am very sorry for the long wait. Between the holiday rush/slow shipping and then some, this has been delayed far too long. For that I am sorry. But better late than never!

(Image Credit to Brian @ Hardrock-Pokemon.com)

If you reserved Zukan, please send your payment to payments@jandjsimonenterprises(dot)com with the subject: "BW03 Zukan: (LJ Name)(Zukan Bought)". It is ABSOLUTELY necessary that you do this, as otherwise it makes it harder for me to find your payment and ship it in a timely manner! 

Here is the Google Docs Spreadsheet: 


Also, I have a HUGE amount of extras of the Zukan! I am selling completes sets for $43 + shipping, or singles for $10 SHIPPED each! The exception to this is the Kami Trio; I will sell singles of any of the Kami Trio for $5 shipped or a set of three for $12.50 SHIPPED! What a deal! :P So here's what's available:

Full BW03 Set (Emboar Line, Liepard Line, Simisage Line, Tornadus, Landorus, and Thundurus): $43 Plus Shipping
Emboar Line Single: $10 SHIPPED
Liepard Line Single: $10 SHIPPED
Simisage Line Single: $10 SHIPPED
Tornadus Single: $5 SHIPPED
Thundurus Single: $5 SHIPPED
Landorus Single: $5 SHIPPED 
Kami Trio Set: $12.50 SHIPPED

I have many multiples of BW03 Zukan! So please comment if you are interested and I will give you a quote. :D Depending on which Zukan you order, there may be a small shipping discount~!

Thanks guys!

Tags: emboar, landorus, liepard, pansage, payments, pignite, purrloin, simisage, tepig, thundurus, tornadus, zukan
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