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wild Treasure Chest appeared!

Edit: yaoi_queen, I received your package today! XD I love them all so much! -SQUEE- The candy tastes lemony/vanilla-y to me, kind of like lemon meringue flavored stuff? nummy! :) I will take wonderful care of charmander. He'll go right next to my new-found old charizard! :D


What's with the pic of this box? What's in it? I assure you it's no longer the delicious cookie-things that were originally in there. No, inside this box are items that come from 9-10 years ago. Click the lj-cut to take a trip to the past!

So here's the story. At 1AM last night when I was about to fall asleep, I suddenly remembered that I had a tin of random pokemon stuff from 8-9 years ago, when I was last into Pokemon. I had an inkling of where the tin was, and fearing that I would forget to find it the next day I got up and found it. Thankfully I convinced myself to get some sleep instead of taking pics and posting here right away, or else I would've gotten less than the whopping 5 hours of sleep I did get. :)

Unfortunately, my favorite pokemon items from back then, my ponyta kid (at least I assume it was, I know that it was a finger puppet thing) and little Jolteon friends plush (that someone posted about yesterday) were MIA, which I expected anyway since I've seen them far more recently than this tin. However "far more recently" was still a few years ago. I hope I will find them someday, though. I really don't think I threw them away since I loved them so much!

Anyway, onto the treasure! Only about half of them are really exciting to me, but I treasure them all anyway because I got them FOREVER ago!


Taking off the lid, we see how I decorated it with printouts of pokemon I liked at the time. My favs haven't changed too much, as I still love Ponyta/Rapidash the best, the latter of which is featured in the center of the collage. Increasing my anticipation is a pile of papers blocking my treasure! (they're printouts of bios of the original Digi-destined from Digimon XD)

Tossing aside the papers, finally! The treasure!

Even back then, I was a fire pokemon collector. :) That funny-shaped thing with the Charmander sticker on it is a tape dispenser, with a mostly-used up roll of Pokemon tape in it! I'm not sure what kind of figure the Charizard is. When I got it it was in two pieces, and I had to fit his wings/tail onto the rest of his body. It's hollow and hard plastic like a kids figure, though. Is it just another kind? ^_^; I'm definitely not knowledgeable about this stuff..

Burger King toys, including an extra launcher thing, which I'm guessing went to my sister's Bulbasaur, wherever he may be. She's not as good at storing things as I guess I am. The bulbasaur and clefairy things used to have lollipops in them, and are otherwise just cute necklace things that you can put stuff in. I didn't realize it until I looked at the pics, but that pikachu has a "tuft of hair," so I'm assuming it's supposed to be the pikachu (Sparky, I think his name was?) of ash's friend in one of the earlier seasons of Pokemon. Not sure if that vaporeon was meant to have that keychain in it.. I got her at a Chinatown in BC, Canada.

So, did you guys see Pixar's Toy Story? Remember that scary neighbor-kid who mutilated his toys, and so the regular toys of the movie thought they were monsters until they actually met them? I think this Pikachu is one of them. So I guess he's one of those figures you put together, only he was very, very loved. That stick in his tummy used to be where you'd stick a pokeball, but I've no clue where that went. Most of his broken pieces are inside of him, and I could probably at least put him back together with super glue. The only thing noticeably missing is one of the black tips for his ears, and the pokeball, of course.

There's a polly pocket type of thing next to battle-worn pikachu, which came with tiny figures like the three closest to it. There's at least one other one of those things in my house, and the tiny pokemon are mix and matched among them. I only had those three in this tin.

I threw in Sparky for size comparison in this pic. I can't for the life of me remember where the blue pikachu and dragonite came from. I remember they came from something really cool, but I just can't remember from where exactly. Any help would be appreciated!

I also can't remember where the middle row of figures came from. They all have those rectangular holes on the bottom of them, including the tiny charmander from the fire pokemon pic. Help?

Well, there's the end of my happy trip to the past, and these darlings will join my meager pokemon collection as veterans. I hope you guys enjoyed it! :) And here's the awesome pic I found via google image on a japanese site that I have on my profile. I think it's a lovely visual for this lj user name, don't you think? :D

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