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GRAIL HELP!!! Chupa Chup GB xXx


Okies Guys, here's the low down...

2 of my ultimate grails has turned up at a bargin price (if sold seperately) but they are part of a complete set sooo I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in a GB for the other items. Here's what's up for grabs...

2009 Chupa surprise figures with Hoho as the surpsrise figure!!

Each figure is $14.75 with P+P!!!

the figures available are;

Gible dragonrider49
Lugia truvio56
Typhlosion spideyroxas
Feraligator jyxxie

Umbreon and Espeon are also in this set but I will be claiming them for hosting this GB and also they are my grails lol ^^

Sales Permission Given: 28th Jan 2011 by DenkiMouse :)

The Bidding ends in (04 Feb, 2012 04.00.56 GMT)

The GB is run on a first come, first serve basis and will be checked by time and date comment is posted...

There will be 2 payments, the first for the initial figure and a percentage of the shipping to myself, the second payment will be shipping to you.

The set it's self costs $148 and P+P to UK (where I live) is $20 so the total first price would be $168.
As there are 10 figures in this set so it would work out to $16.80 for the first payment($14.80 for the figure, $2 for shipping) but because I am claiming 2 at $50 or higher your total will be *$14.75*

I will not be taking payment until all figures have been claimed!!!

When the figures arrive to me I will send you a message to notify you they have arrived safely and to send payment #2, shipping from the UK should be no more than $3-$5.

Okie-Dokey, I think that about covers it :) OK guys, Claims start now :D.

*Changed 21st Jan 2012*
Tags: gible, lugia, meganium, scizor, typhlosion, tyranitar
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