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FFffffffffffff yayayay (Pick Ups #6) in a different store ^0^

So yeah I told myself and to all that I would be taking a break this week ...bbbbutt !
There are two pokemon story in Korea one in seoul and the other in busan I usually went to seoul because it is much closer to where I live buttt today I know that the other store had other pokedolls! :DD TOGEPI and WOBBUFFET all JP re-release versions ! :D
and they hadddd LATIAS pokedoll 0_0 uggh how did I ever missed it? But they only had one latias sorry guys but if they restock it I will sure do another pick ups for it. Acutally they had latios too but is all sold out ;;
Oh and they seem to have the chilarmy emonga oshawott teipig scarggy 3monkeys munna axew back too.
and of course the other old canvas are there to greet you guys ^_^ So no futher do check them out ! :D
I will sure get the togepi so babyish cute!
TRADE and Partial Trade POSSIBLE : lugia jp ver pokedoll mwt, zoroark pokedoll mwt , dx dialga pokedoll mwt
vaporeon canvas mwt dragonite pokedoll mwt

To reserve a spot you must pay first however If you could let me know when you could pay and work it out I will reserve a spot for you. :)

- Canvas plush in stock : Raichu, Drifloon, Vulpix, pichu. will be $33 SHIPPED
Growlithe, dragonite, lapras, shaymin (land), Riolu, Jirachi, Ampharos will be $26 SHIPPED

- Japanese re-release Pokedoll : Lapras, snorlax, Tokegkiss,Cresselia,Delibird, Pichu norched ear Togepi  $36 SHIPPED

Japanese release pokedoll BW : snivy oshawott pokabu victini muna chillarmy axew pokedoll Wobbuffet- $26 SHIPPED
Japanese release big pokedoll BW : Zekrom , Reshiram pokedoll - $52 SHIPPED
Christamas trian plush : Pikachu , Oshawott , Chubchoo Audino - $34 SHIPPED

-All payments go to: don't forget to include your username and what you bought in the memo please <3
-Sales permission 07/20/11 by dakajojo
-Ship from Korea to Worldwide
-Feedbacks as a seller and a trader here

1. aliceowlfukurouShaymin canvas PAID
2. tofu256 Togepi pokedoll PAID
3.epicaz Raichu canvas PAID
4.agkelikos Dragonite PAID
5.starscream8 Togepi and wobbufet PAID
6. mawaruRaichu PAID
7. wutasticWobuffet and vulpix PAID
8. rivalsacha Drifloon PAID
9.methuselah31010 Dragonite PAID
10.drag0n_auraWobbufet PAID
11.shinji_wolf Growlithe miminco PAID
12.pumpki3Togepi PAID
13.nyx_sama Pichu and Dragonite PAID
14.ivan_ratheWobbufet PAID
15.antlerargh Raichu PAID
16. doctoreevee 2 Growlithes, a Vulpix and a Lapras Pokedoll Wobbufet PAID

Thank you so much guys and today is finally SATURDAY !!!! thank you ;_;
and to those in the west must be TGIF !!
Everybody all have a relaxing day ! yay ~!
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