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hahaha! I'm collecting the pokeymans!

Hello! This is a mini collection update~
These are recent gets along with whatever was around during phototiem!

My mom asked me to come shopping with her and my brother, and i decided to go with them for a change to get out of the house.
Our first stop was walmart, and i didnt expect to find anything cool, and boy was i wrong!
I managed to snag the last two jakks plush, and the box they came in. along with a few ponies  :B

Just when i thought my day couldnt get any better, i received a package today as well!

I got my two magikarp pokedolls!
2006 american velboa, and 2009 japanese minky

Hehe minky and soft <3

I have the wonderful [info]ryunwoofie to thank for them <3

This is sheldon, my DX turtwig pokedoll. He is the softest and squishiest! i got him from the lovely 

He'res sheldon modelling my awesome hat. i keep all my pokemon pins on it!

This is my pins collection. its not big, but i love it! 

Absolutely beautiful N postcards! these pictures do not do them justice!

This is blaze, my derpy cyndaquil canvas, Howard, my Dialga pokedoll, and Ree, my buruburu mareep ( you pull a cord in her butt and she shakes :B )

Pikachu fishing lure, dugtrio stamp and cyndaquil rolly stamp

and finally, my box o plush, including my cyndaquil pokedoll, Cinders.( I'm a lazy butt and i dont wanna take another picture of him )

Hopefully i'll be able to do a proper update once i finish paying off my lots and everything arrives :)

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