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Marveleous Meiji GA Payment 2

Hello everyone!  Remember this GA? Well, it's arrived! :D  Pictures, totals, and extras under the cut!

I am ecstatic to say that all of these Meiji cards are in wonderful condition!  These cards are silver colored and reflective, my cruddy camera just can't capture the awesomeness they have in real life! 

dinictis, your Wooper and Quilava Meijis are in beautiful mint condition~

tortoises, your Ampharos Meiji is in wonderful mint condition~

nasija, your IgglybuffMeiji is in mint condition!

pokepalace, your Miltank Meiji is in excellent minty condition~

sonicad17768, your Bayleef Meiji is in mint condition ~

umbreongirl, your Umbreon Meiji is guess what? In mint condition~ XD

My Sneasel card! <3  It's so shiny and awesome!  I also decided to keep the Croconaw Meiji, to add to my teeny tiny Feraligatr collection haha.

Anyway, back to business XD

Here is the spreadsheet for the final payment for shipping from me to you.  Everyone was given a credit of $0.22 due to a miscalculation in the totals of last spreadsheet, and dinictis, I was instructed to charge you $1.50 by the GA moderator, entirelycliched .

Jan 25 2012 EDIT: For those who did not pay by Jan the 22rd, shipping prices have increased due to the USPS raising it's shipping prices.

If any GA participants would like to add extras or combine shipping with items from my mini sales at the bottom of this post, then please wait to pay so that I may calculate your new total!

And now for Extras!

Each card is $1 for GA participants, and $3 for Non-GA participants.  You may only claim a maximum of 2 cards! :3

GONE: Teddiursa, Wobuffet, and Pikachu

And now for a really teeny tiny sales post xD  I was hoping to sell some of these figures off to fellow comm members, because I know that with fellow collectors, they will be loved. Anything not sold will either be put up Ebay or possibly donated to my little cousins XD 

Feel free to try and haggle on anything, but try not to be too unreasonable xD; Don't be offended if I turn you down.

Sales Permission granted by by [info]dakajojo on 03/17/11
I only accept PAYPAL. If using an e-check, your items will not be shipped until the payment has been processed.
Prices are in USD and do not include shipping (unless stated otherwise).
I can do holds up to 48 hours. If I receive no reply after 48 hours then the item will go back up for sale.
I ship from the US and my home is smoke-free and pet-free.
I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages. Upon request I can have them ensured and/or tracked.
I reserve the right to refuse to sell to any banned member[s] and/or anyone accumulating a large number of negative feedback.
My feedback thread can be found here.
All community rules apply

Ralts Jakks Throw Plush - $3
Weavile Kid - $1
Tyranitar TOMY - $5
Celebi 4th Movie TOMY - $4
Grimer /Muk TOMY - $5 for both
Hasbro Absol w/Razorball - $2
Arcanine/Ivysaur BK Paper Card Things - Free with purchase. TAKE THEM.
Norman V-Trainer - $1 or Free with purchase.
Hasbro Mudkip - $1
Latias marble - $1
Bellsprout Battle Museum > 3 < - $1
Chikorita Coin - $0.25

I'll be shipping out as early as tomorrow morning!  Thanks to everyone who made this GA a successful one~  Hope everyone has a Happy Chinese New Year! :D
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