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Sales and items up for offers!

Sales permission granted by dakajojoI believe October/2011
Old feedback: http://wutastic.livejournal.com/747.html
New feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/wutastic/

I decided to put up that pokemon box of stuff for separate sale and offers, so click behind the cut to check out the items :)

Haggling OK especially if you buy more than one item
Prices do not include shipping and fees unless specified
I am not responsible for lost packages. Once they're out of my hands they are the responsibility of USPS!
Please leave me some feedback on my new feedback page if you buy from me when you package arrives and I'll do the same for you :)
All items are in great condition unless otherwise specified. Please ask for details/more photos if you want!
Items that are up for offers will be left that way until I choose to accept one :) I will post the highest current offer next to the item.

Both size XL, only worn and washed once, great condition!
10$ each

(Will be dusted and cleaned before shipped)
Wartortle Bank: UP FOR OFFERS--- current highest offer 10$ eledora
Pikachu Bank: 5$
Charmander Bank: UP FOR OFFERS
Pikachu Room Guard (paint rubs on the brown part of the tail in back, white paint splashes, has batteries, works like a charm!) :3$

Salamence UFO (tush tag only): 30$ (hold)
US Minky Pikachu Pokedoll (tush tag only) - 10$
Yawaraka Bulbasaur (tush tag only): UP FOR OFFERS

Pikachu backpack MWT: 20$ SHIPPED
Psyduck friends (mint condition with folded box): 10$

Jakks Pansage MWT: 6$
Jakks Deerling MWT: 6$
Jakks Snivy MWT: 6$
Jakks Drilbur MWT: 6$
Jakks Pichu (tush tag only, loved): 3$
Jakks Snivy (no tags): 3$
Or take them ALL for 25$

McDonalds Toys
Take them all for 5$
One free with each 5$ purchase (will probably raise shipping a little)
Or buy separate for 50c

Hollow Latias Figure : 50c or free with 5$ purchase
MWT Zoroark Keychain Figure: 3$
Loved Shuckle kid: 1$
Loved Walrein kid: 1$
MIP Pikachu clip: 2$
MIP Charmander clip: 3$
MIP Jakks Park Ball: 4$
Rotom Battrio (Frost Rotom, Fan Rotom, Frost/Wash Rotom): 1$ each
MIP American Jolteon Tomy: 5$

Lot of Topps cards
Holo Kyogre (hold)
Holo Slaking
27 Movie Topps cards
Black&White Zekrom/Reshiram mini card binder

I will take offers on individual cards but you can take them all for 15$

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