Denali Lobita (growly) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Denali Lobita

Sales post, lots of RARE PLUSH!

I was grandfathered into sales permission by denkimouse when the comm started.
My feedback:
I don't like to leave feedback until I know your item arrived safely, please wait til then to ask me to trade feedbacks. :)

-Paypal only
-No holds past 24 hours.
-Shipping is from the USA. Insurance is optional, let me know if you want it.
-Some degree of haggling is okay, but not too much.
-Willing to consider trade offers for Growlithe, Arcanine, Vullaby, Mandibuzz, Mienshao, Stunky, Skuntank, and Tepig stuff. Here is a shortened version of my wishlist, there are more items I have yet to add:
-Will combine orders with my non-Pokémon sales:

Photobucket Photobucket
RARE as all get-out Brazilian Wartortle clip plush- this is from the same line as those rare Brazilian plush Denkimouse sold earlier last year. :D
Taking OFFERS, minimum price: $25

Photobucket Photobucket
This amazingly rare Ditto plush is a reversable plush- pull the string an watch it turn itself inside out, from Ditto to Pikachu! A very awesome item from the coveted Heartland TOMY line. Near mint with tush tag.
Taking OFFERS starting from $35.

TOMY Talking Chimchar: Taking OFFERS, minimum price: $20
Still talks, near-mint with tush tag. Will be shipped without batteries.
TOMY Talking Turtwig: Taking OFFERS, minimum price: $15
He talks, but is a bit wonky in that on certain phrases, he gets a "stutter" which is a result of a flaw in the voicebox. There was a small seam that opened up on the shell that I have repaired. Has a tush tag.

TOMY Buizel plush: $18
One toe thread is broken, other than that, great shape with tush tag.
TOMY Pachirisu plush: $20
Near-mint with tush tag.

TOMY Pikachu plush: $2 or free with order (will increase shipping)
Has a popped tail seam, some stains, and scratches on the eyes.
TOMY Chimchar plush: $10
Near-mint with tush tag
TOMY Turtwig plush: $8
Eyes have faint scuffs, has its tush tag.

Heartland TOMY Piplup: $8 obo
Has a small hole in the back of its head that's not a popped seam, and the white spots on its chest have gotten a bit dirty looking.
Heartland TOMY Manaphy: $10
Okay condition, small stain on face, antennae are no longer sewn down to head.

TOMY laying Buneary: SOLD
great condition with tush tag
TOMY Aipom: $7.50
Tush tag removed, great condition
2007 Canvas plush Cherrim: SOLD
Near-mint with tush tag

Turtwig PokeCen hat: $10
Pikachu PokeCen terrycloth hat: $7
okay condition, some pilling because of the fabric used

2007 Happiny Pokedoll: $15
2007 Darkrai Pokedoll: SOLD
He had a popped arm seam, which I have repaired.
2007 Glameow Pokedoll: $20

2007 Croagunk Pokedoll: $22 PAYMENT PENDING
Tag has a small tear in it, but is intact.
Walky Chikorita without charms: $2
Its former owner went a little "marker happy" on it, there is a faint heart drawn on the leaf and they attempted to fill in the shines on the eyes with black. It looks like it's been washed already, the marks are faded.

Skymin Banpresto plush: $6
Reversable Pokeball Tepig: $10
Reversable Pokeball Snivy, MIP: $14
Mall Tour Tepig: $6

Photobucket Photobucket
Ho-Oh Chouget: $4
Unown Chouget: $3
Lugia Silver Chouget: $4

Espeon and Umbreon Jakks: $15 each

Growlithe/Arcanine Lot: $10
Includes a fanart ACEO, a metal collection figure, a FCS figure without its base, and a Christmas 1998 phone card thing.

Rhydon RemoCon: $2
Rhydon is cute, but doesn't work. Paint rubs on his horn and belly.

Ivysaur RemoCon: $3
Ivysaur does not work, sadly. It has some paint rubs on the bulb.
Totodile RemoCon: $8
Totodile has a few rubs on its spikes but otherwise is in good shape. See a video of this cutie in action!

Mewtwo RemoCon: $8
Mewtwo has a few paint rubs on its tail but works well:
Chikorita RemoCon: $1
Chikorita is bald! No leaf, and doesn't work either. :C

Freebies, limit one per order, may increase shipping.
TAKEN: Lugia, Stoutland card, Zekrom pin

Just comment with what you want AND your shipping location, and I'll give you a total. :) Thanks!
Tags: aipom, arcanine, buizel, buneary, chikorita, chimchar, croagunk, darkrai, ditto, espeon, glameow, growlithe, happiny, ivysaur, lugia, manaphy, mewtwo, pachirisu, pikachu, piplup, plush, pokecen, pokedolls, rhydon, sales, shaymin, snivy, tepig, totodile, turtwig, umbreon, unown, wartortle
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