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Small Side Collection

Hello! It's Wrabbit again, back with a side collection to show off :)

Though it's really small ;n;
I'm going to introduce you to each one!

I've got a passive collection of these charms, and I really like the appeal of these cute little things!
Here is my backpack at its current state:

When I went to Hong Kong I had to let the security people open it up but sometimes the charms would get stuck on each other!! But the security guys were nice about it and they let me open it for them instead of forcing it and possibly breaking them :)

I took out only the Pokemon ones (as you can see i have Rilakkuma, Korillakuma, Ponyo, Kirby and if you look really hard I have Don from Taiko no Tatsujin!)

Now here are the charms that I own!

Firstly is Emolga I got from a gacha machine in Dragon Center, in Sham Shui Po. My brother was standing behind me being angry that I was buying something so childish, haha.

The Psyduck is a custom I got from acciolucius The reason I chose Psyduck was because he was my favorite when I was a little kid. I felt bad for him because Misty treated him horribly! I also got a Spinarak for my brother. (Croagunk wasn't available at that time)

Kumasyun came from the 7-11 gacha in Mei Foo MTR station. This was without my brother, when I was coming back from Wan Chai's Asia Game Expo. SO FUN. And this was the first time I actually got the charm I wanted! Cubchoo is so cute ^ ^ He's currently occupying my DS lite.

Shaymin came from a gatcha in the Asia Game Expo. I was like "of all the ones to get, i had to get the girliest looking one?!"

Prinplup is my LUCKY PENGUIN!!! I bought him at a CVS after I won $50 in the scratchers. I was all happy :D

Ludicolo was a gift from my sister in Hong Kong, he was only 5HKD which is a little over 50 cents. We had to wade through piles of non-pokemon bootleg crap for it, haha. Though I don't believe that this is bootleg.

Palkia is from the same gacha as the skymin. I was like "oh ok, it's a little better but not much!!" Literally, i wanted any of them except these two. (other possibilities were Regigigas, Dialga and Giratina)
I keep hoping someone will see those 2 charms on the street as I walk past and be like "omg, wanna trade??"

Not pictured: 
Reuniclus charm I got at a Tokyo Lifestyle store near UCI. He's on my car key but my uncle has my car. *sighhhh*

Do you have any cute charms like this? Tell me about them!
And I want to see them too! And maybe trade these damn girly Pokemon away from me >:(

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