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Introduction and Contest Entry

Hi, I'm Pokedexfiller. I'm an amateur collector I guess you can say. Most of my stuff isn't bought over the internet. I usually have to buy it for stores, which is okay even though I wish I could get some Japanese stuff. But that's okay. I'll upload my collection later for everyone to see. So basically, I'm here for collection update purposes, but I did want to try my hand at the contest. It's a very late Christmas photo. Hope you guys like! :D

Contest Entry:

For this picture, I tried to light a fire but the gas logs would not light up. I fought with the thing for an hour before finally admitting defeat. Instead, I decided to use candles becasue I thought they created a nice ambiance for the scene.

I also tried to make a photostory but it wouldn't let me post it, so I might try to put it up later because I really wanted to show it. Thanks for viewing, and I'm looking forward to having an amazing time here on Pokemon Collectors! :)

Photostory Attempt:

Mischevious Little Shinx wanted a cookie. Too bad it was Santa's! Does this qualify for the naughty list?

Just like a Sour Patch Kid: Sour then Sweet. After consideration, Santa deems that Little Shinx has been good enough this year to stay on the nice list. Besides, Ole Kris Kringle has been trying to lose a few pounds anyway.

PRESENTS!!!! ^.^

THE EXCITEMENT!!!! Little Shinx can't wait to see what's inside!!!

Looks like Little Shinx got a bit TOO carried away and fell in!!! XD

You'll have to wait until morning, Little Shinx!!!

Well, it worked. Whew, that's a relief. Thanks for reading!
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