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end-of-break photoshoot!

Since Winter break is nearing its end, I decided to spend a few hours with my collection - for a photoshoot. :D At first I only planned to include my Mewtwos, but then some of my other plushes jumped in too, and before you know it I had a full line-up of Poke-fashionistas. ;D

There are also two mini-photostories mixed in, as well as a few collection pics. Basically just a whole slew of POKEMON GOODNESS. :D

First up, the Purple Baron!

He tried to fly away on Stellina, my alicorn...didn't end well for poor Stellina. x.x You're too big, Mewtwo!

Suicune wanted to show off her new shoes. :3

Scraggy's lookin' fab-u-lous.


lol Kronos you are not a Glaceon, why are you wearing that silly hat. x3

Paki was too busy playing his 'Game Boy' and trying to catch himself to get involved in the shoot. :P

Lookin' good, Conkeldurr!

Onto the photostories...

Tension mounts between Scraggy and Darkrai, as both vie to be the most fabulous Pokemon in my collection.

When suddenly...

Ohgawd, it's RIPTWO!

The dastardly 'Two makes his escape!

Mayor Oshawott arrives on the scene smiling like a maniac:

Riptwo is stopped by a strange Pokemon in red...

And Riptwo makes his escape (Luckily, Scraggy woke up a few hours later, relatively unharmed). xD

And then there was the tale of the lost Zorua...


Suddenly, out of nowhere...

Arceus provides a ride home...

The happy family, re-united. :)

Now for a few collection pics...

My two newest acquisitions, the Paki Paki Posable Mewtwo Plush (the bigger one), and the plush he's holding, the Mewtwo Bath Buddie! :D These two are awesome.

My main Mewtwo shelf. This is where most of my figures and plushes (and a few select flats) hang out.

My top shelf. Used to be All Zorua/Zoroark, but then the Mewtwos started spilling over from the bottom shelf... 

...and Zoroark is NOT happy about it. XD

Close-up of the Mewtwo (and a few Golurks lurking :P)

Close-up of my Zoruas/Zoroarks :D

The bottom shelf, filled with various Pokemon plushies. Most of them are buried under other ones, haha.

My Tomys and assorted other small figures.

Below them, my Jakks, kids, and assorted larger figures.

The top shelf is mostly ponies, but has a lot of Mewtwo as well. :3 Ignore the kissing Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash in the front. xD

Well that's all for now (and it's quite enough XD). Since school starts Monday, I probably won't be quite as active on the comm, so, this is my vacation finale. Haha. <3
Tags: arceus, conkeldurr, darkrai, magmortar, mewtwo, oshawott, scraggy, suicune, zoroark, zorua
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