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A very dragon-y auction

Long time no post - I've been busy traveling the world for charms and other Pokemon goodies (literally)!!   Unfortunately my lovely visit with denkimouse was much too short and I'm already settled back at home.

I know there were quite a handful of people waiting for packages from me while I was away - if you paid, they were shipped.  I've contacted you all personally, but in case I missed you or you didn't see the comment, thank you so much for your patience :D

I have a whole bunch of new sales coming soon, hopefully by next weekend everything will be up, but for now I bring you one special auction:

This auction will be for a Year of the Dragon clearfile that already sold out in just a few days!!  

♥ It's brand new, straight from the Pokemon Center, and will be shipped from the US.
♥ The auction will last about a week, ending next Saturday, January 28th at 10PM EST (countdown)
♥ Please only bid if you have the funds to pay on Paypal!!  Payment is due within 3 days of the auction ending unless you worked something out with me before you bid.
♥ Community non-sniping and all other rules apply of course :)
♥ Bidding starts at $10, increments of at least $1 


(I think tagging all of the dragons in this post would be obnoxious but if you want to, be my guest ;) )


And totally unrelated to the auction above, I have a nice lot of plush up on eBay if you want to check it out.  I believe that Manaphy might even be a 1:1?  See it here:

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