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Custom Shiny Pokedoll January Auction!

I'm back to plush making! I finally had the time to do up some plush this month and not just one but FOUR! As I said in my last collection update post, I recently went to New york for the holidays and during my outing with Usakochan, I decided to buy a bunch of the brand new BW pokedolls. I picked a selected few to recreate shiny variations. Thus, my "Nintendo Store Shiny Pokedoll Project" was made! 

I have gotten sales permission from Lineaalba in 2009.
Auctions end on Tuesday, January 31st at 6:00 PM PDT
 I ship from the US. 

Paypal only! 

Please be prepared to pay upon the end of the auction.
 I live in a smoke-free home. 
No trades/partial trades right now, sorry. UNLESS its any Emolga items found on my Wants Page
 Please bid in increments of $1 in the specified threads.
What you see is what you get.

Feedback can be found Here


*Shiny Cubchoo Custom Pokedoll*
*6 inches Tall
*Embroidery Features
*Completely Hand Sewn (No Sewing Machine)

Bidding Starts @ $80
BIN: $200
His head came out the right shape that I wanted but it is a wee bit bigger than the poke doll. Only a wee bit. I actually kinda like it more that way, its really squishy.

While studying the Pokedoll I had no idea the official had tiny paw prints! They are hidden behind the stitching! Such cute detail! Its almost a shame they are covered. I added the paw prints too! They're there. Don't worry.
 He also had a little hidden frown underneath his boogie. 

Here he is with a official Cubchoo pokedoll.

~Custom Shiny Vanillite Pokedoll~
*Embroidery Details
*7 inches tall
*Completely Hand sewn (No Machine)

Bidding Starts @ $60
BIN: $150


I thought this little ice cream would be easy but NOPE! XD He took just as long as any other plush I work on. When I saw him at the Nintendo store I was just drawn to him. He's not a pokemon I never knew I'd like but his pokedoll was SO cute I had to take a stab at him. Curse you pokedolls for making pokeys 100x cuter in this style.

Embroidery details, he has embroidery lines around his torso, they are just hard to see with his little collar covering them. 

Here's the two scoops. The shiny has a cream colored body but for some reason my camera washes that out. My shiny is an inch taller than the original. 


~Custom Shiny Drilbur Pokedoll~
*5 inches tall
*Embroidery Detail
*Hand Sewn ( No Machine )

Bidding Starting @ $70
BIN: $200

He was quite time consuming, his claws took just as long as his body. They're pretty much count as three pokemon bodes since they're all around the same size in width. I love Drilbur's huge floppy claws, I think mine came out a tad bigger than the original. I don't know why that keeps happening. I make it a wee bit bigger thinking it will be normal. I don't want to make it smaller due to being scared it will be TOO small. X-x  He is a cutie pokedoll and I loved working on him. His nose was probably my favorite part to sew.

He has a cute litle embroidery smile under his nose. C:

And here you can see his tiny paw pads.

Here he is next to his normal colored counterpart. Eskimo kisses~

As you can see, they are totally bros. 


~Custom Shiny Audino Pokedoll~
*6 Inches
*Embroidery Features
*Hand Sewn ( No Machine )

Bidding Starts @ $70
BIN: $200
Awww, Audino has such a cute pokedoll. Its a lot chubbier than an average pokedoll. So getting it the right chubby shape was a task. Doing swirls are ALWAYS a pain for me as they are always too small to turn them inside out. XD I got them to reverse after a good 10 minutes of poking and pushing. They look good on her once I got them on her. They vaguely remind me of Raichu's swirls. C: She is very squishy and very fluffy. :D

Both Audino's together. I love the shiny's pastel color pallet. ^-^

 I wanted to do five for this month but I'm having dental work done tomorrow and knowing how that goes, I'll be in bed most of the week. So, shiny Victini will be set up with next month's line-up. I'm planning to do another set of 5 or MORE, if I'm lucky. ^-^ Be sure to visit my Sewing Status section on my website as I've been updating it frequently with new Pokemon I plan do to in the coming month!

Thanks for looking and I appreciate anyone who is willing to give these shiny's a home. :D 
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