Allinia (allinia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Layout changes and banner opinions!!

If you haven't noticed already, I made some slight changes to the community layout - hopefully everyone finds it more organized without changing the overall feel of things :)

Everything looks good on my laptop but if something looks off for you please let me know.  Right now I'm aware the "Member Contact Info" page is missing but other than that everything should function correctly!

Along that same note, newly minted design mods dewott and godudette and myself are incredibly excited to be working on upcoming community "beautification."  In particular we've been hard at work already discussing what to do with the community banner.  We're aware that it's been up for ages and people definitely want a change - back in 2010 we had a banner contest that had a great turnout (and was the source of our current banner).  We're considering holding a banner contest, perhaps on a more regular basis, but we would like YOUR input on the banner!

Would you like a banner contest? 
Do you want the banners to be seasonal?
If not, what other themes (if any) would you like to see?
Should the layout colors change based on the banner?
Would you be interested in participating in a contest even if there are no physical prizes (besides your banner being used)?
What other banner and/or layout changes would you like to see?
Etc etc etc.

(I'll be editing the list as new questions and comments come in!)

Let us know what you think!  I'm sure there are a lot of great ideas and opinions out there - all three of us will be here and considering anything and everything you have to say :D  We're obviously not dead set on anything since we've only been talking about this for a day... we just want your opinions so we have a place to start.

And since a few members have brought this concern up, any banner we use will contain MERCHANDISE EXCLUSIVELY!!  The banners aren't an artwork contest - we're a collecting community, not an art community.  If you have any similar concerns, please check out the 2010 contest below (since most rules there would apply to any change we do!)

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