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Hello everyone!!! sorry to post so soon again BUT I RECEIVED MY GRAIL!!! AND I NEEDED TO SHAAAAAREE!!! im super excited if you cant tell
Im also showing a few other plushies i recently got and haven't updated...so here it is! my grail and a small collection update!!

Before anything, A BIGGGG THANK YOU to aleyina for allowing me to do a payment plan and being so awesome throughout this whole process of me buying it! She was absolutely awesome and i just cant thank her enough!

His name is Gizmo! which is awesome because when aleyina packaged him she wrote all over the box with gremlins references (the things you cant do, dont feed after midnight, keep out of sunlight, do not get wet) even before she knew i was going to name him that!! as she worded it! its fate!!!

Even has the tag!

Here is all my new plushies i've gotten over the last few weeks

The laying tomy eevee is SUPER soft, hes like a terrycloth, The derpy eevee is my boyfriends fav he is a play by play, my jolteon pokedoll, a banpresto eevee who looks so angry and my 1:1!!!!

My 4 Gen 1 Eeveelution pokedolls, i feel pretty accomplished to have 4 eeveelution pokedolls :3 only 4 more to go!

And here is all my Eevee plushies i have so far! it isn't much to look at but i've been working on canvas lately.

The shelf that my eevee and canvas collection took a dive to the floor, and i haven't had the time to put it back up :( guess i know what im doing on my day off!

I got a few other various things tat aren't eevee, ill do a larger collection update when more stuff arrives and when i get my shelf back up

I have a few more things on the way, and of course will always be expanding my collection! After getting over the 1:1 eevee price hump, i feel like anything i want after this is cheap!...not sure thats a good thing :P

Thanks for looking!
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