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I just came home about half an hour ago to just find out that my mailbox is full of packages, all the stuff barely fit in there! I should have taken a picture of it lol.
But here's some various gets.

Sneak peak, like usual~

Banpresto Carnivine UFO plush MWT! I got this guys from eBay and I'm very pleased. I wonder why there's no more plush of this guy, he's just adorable. ;o;
I decided to start mini collection for Carnivine, so I bought this plush along with another plush from the same seller.

Big-ish TOMY Turtwig! This guy doesn't have a tush tag anymore, but otherwise is in perfect condition! He's so soft, I can't stop cuddling him lol.
This is from the same seller as the Carnivine plush, bought this pretty much to just save some shipping costs. But I do like Turwig, so I don't complain at all!

Next up is Applause Vulpix I bought from usakochan! She's very cute and great addition to my Applause collection~ I'm waiting for an Applause Mewtwo in the mail from other community user, can't wait to get him in my hands!

Stuff from karoia, very cute Elekid bookmark/phone strap and box for Pokemon Puzzle Challenge game! I've had the game for years and years but I threw the box away when I originally bought it, but now I have the box for it again~

My charms from denkimouse, they arrived very fast, thanks! The Shuppet/Banette set was a gift for my girlfriend, I think I need to get a set for myself too. xD They are so cute!

Anyone I owe (pretty much all GA payments), I will pay somewhere this week or atleast I try if my bank would stop being dumb with PayPal. :<

Thanks everyone!

Tags: banette, carnivine, collection, elekid, hoothoot, noctowl, shuppet, turtwig, vulpix
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