Dana [AKA Juuchan] (bandanna_boy_17) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Dana [AKA Juuchan]

See it... Want it... Will buy and love it!

Hey there all! I know a collection update is coming soon for me, but right now, I have some wants and a couple of grails I'm shooting for!

My main collecting focus is for the Lake Trio [Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit], though I have a stronger affinity for Mesprit. Here's what I'm seeking out at the moment: 
  • Lake Trio zukan [I don't mind if it's MIP or not]
  • Mesprit and Uxie kids [clear or not - I don't care. If you have any other Lake Trio kids for sale, I'd love to see them!]
  • Jakks Uxie [both the Jakks plush and the figure - preferably no more than 10$ shipped for the plush]
  • any Canvas plush [Mesprit preferred at the moment, but I would like to get all three eventually! Is anyone willing to take 15$-20$ shipped for one?]
  • Any other items of merchandise with any of the Lake Trio [TCG cards/ any cards, pan stickers/any stickers, posters, charms, customs, etc - I would love to see what you have! I may be interested in buying!]
I am also seeking out Tepig things as well! Mainly a talking Tepig [Japanese release - I don't think Jakks has one out yet.] and that sleepy New Year's Tepig [that everyone wants], but... I have made them my grails! I hope I can seek them out and snag them one day!

And as always, I'd like to get a full set of the PKMN TCG League Frontier Symbols! I have one right now, and there's 6 more to go! If you have any of these to sell, I'd would love to make a deal with you!

Thanks for reading and let's get collecting together~!!

- Juuchan
Tags: azelf, canvas, mesprit, tepig, uxie
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