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They're so sleeepyyy GB~

Hi all! Some of you might remember me.. (I'm planning on a re-intro/collection tomorrow)

Anyway in the mean time I'm going to host this GB for the adorable sleepy starters!

!!BEFORE you claim please read this!!

I cannot tell you a definitive overall final price because I'm buying these from Y!J.
There will be fees and shipping costs.

These are the extra costs we will be expected to pay~

Shipping from the Seller to SMJ > SMJ commission fee ($10) > Shipping from SMJ to me > Shipping from me to you > Paypal fees

Usually these things wouldn't be a problem but because the items are so large and because there are only 3 of us I fear shipping may be a tad more expensive. 

You MUST be ready and willing to pay all of these fees. I can roughly estimate that the total cost will be somewhere between $65-$90 but please please do not hold me to it. I just want to make it absolutely clear I will not be held responsible should the fees amount to more. As such, negative feedback will be left if any of the fee's are refused to be paid.

I will be shipping your plush from the UK so please keep that in mind.

Right! Sorry about that! Onto the claims..

Each will be $50 before shipping and fees. 
I am claiming Snivy and will pay exactly the same as the other two participants.

Oshawott - herar
Tepig - projectlivewire

I received sales permission from denkimouse

My feedback is currently empty but I have held several successful GB's/GA's in the past. I also have this page full of possitive feedback, EGL feedback andddd eBay feedback.

Thank youuu!
Tags: group auction, oshawott, snivy, tepig
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