mewtwo32 (mewtwo32) wrote in pkmncollectors,

hello everyone!

Hi there :]

Sorry to post very soon after my last.

I got a few pokedolls in and wanted to share :).

Magby, Cleffa and Noctowl :D! They are so cute! I especially love Noctowl, he has a cute grumpy expression on his face C:.

Corsola, Piplup and Chimchar!

Turtwig and Darkrai C:

Totodile, Lugia and Groudon C:.

Chikorita, Wobbuffet and Ho-Oh! C:

and Charmander PlushPlush C:

And here are all of them together :). As you can see I am not including my tagless Pokedolls as part of the collection.

I also have a question, I am the type of collector who is VERY picky about tags on most of my plush, especially the Pokedolls I am collecting.
Am I just crazy or is it possible to find a Spheal, Natu and Smoochum Pokedoll with hang tags still? I know they are rare to even come by in general or even in bad condition. I would just like to know if there is hope. C:

And so this post isn't very boring! Here are my larger Pokemon plush :).

Tags: charmander, chimchar, cleffa, corsola, darkrai, magby, noctowl, piplup, suicune, turtwig
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