faderkid (faderkid) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Final Reminder: Rare Banpresto Slot Machine Coin Bank Prize for

I am closing offers on this tonight at 12:00 AM PST so if you've had your eye on this get your offers in now! :)

click the picture to head to the original post!

On a side note I am very pissed to have found out last night that some very particular cards from my collection binder have turned up missing. It's a very peculiar situation since based on what was missing it seems as though someone had to handpick these cards to take and what baffles me most about it is that my collection was residing at my parent's storage room at their house and not many people would be able to have access or even know where to look or what to look for. This kept me up all night and the most valuable things where left in tact but still a good dollar amount in the cards' value were taken. I didn't even know how to feel or react. I mean these things are replaceable and for a collector I'm not too materialistic it just pisses me off that someone had the nerve to do something like that, I suspect nargles... but it deduces to that it could have one of my friends, little children who came for breakfast for the holidays, or one of my little sister's friends. its just messed up.
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