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TCG Wants & Collection Update

Hey there everyone! Thanks to so many of you my card & Plush collection are off to a VERY awesome start! Since it would take up way too much space to post pics of ALL my cards, I'd like to share a site thatrisha_moon showed me! You can organize all your cards in a sort of virtual binder and even make wants lists. If any of you TCG collectors are on there, please add me as a friend.  apparently you cant do that! So just let me know so I can compare our wants/haves lists! This is also where you can find some of my TCG wants. I think it is a very neat little tool for pokemon collectors!

Also here is my small fire type plush collection so far nothing special - besides Flareon and Charmander (who I am quite proud of). Don't mind Kirara, she wanted to join in and she seemed to fit. ^.^ 
I had to take a small break from collecting because of financial troubles but this week I have 2 very very exciting things coming: a new vulpix canvas to replace the old one that was missing tags - I just love canvas tags dont you?

I also recently got the kanto and uhhh 3rd gen starter canvases. To be completly honest, I feel like these new canvas doll didn't live up to my expectations. Except Mudkip- he came out adorable. What do you think about the new canvases? Do you think they compete with the details seen in the Eeveelution and Vulpix canvases?
Tags: charmander, flareon, torchic
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