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wants and old/new contest entry

Hey guys. I come with some wants tonight. I’ve been lying low on the collecting front for a couple weeks, and somehow missed a few Excadrill things, which is unacceptable! So I’m wandering if anyone has the following:

New Excadrill attack kid (from this set)
↬ Excadrill metal figure (from this set)

I know these metal guys are quite elusive and chances aren’t great but I’m wondering if anyone picked up a set of attack kids or metal figures lately and happens to have Excadrill floating around. /hopeful/

Here are some other things I am needing to expand my collections a little more. If you have anything of these pokemon, link me and I’ll reply to you if I need it. I have found this to be quite effective. I may be editing this once in awhile if I think up more, haha; brain is shot right now.

↬ Garchomps, Gabites, Gibles
↬ Umbreons
↬ Aerodactyl
↬ Luxray

Also, if this winter contest is going on (it’s the 24th for me right now), I’m going to go ahead and enter:

This photo from my post back in December. In lieu of tagging this one, I’ve gone back to tag the original post you can see here (if you haven't before), that will be my official contest entry! I hope this is okay. I know I said in the comments back then I was thinking of doing something else, but if I couldn't think of anything I'd enter this...obviously I never got the time to work on another one, so what the hay, I've decided enter this one for fun. It's a waste to have it just sit around. If it's not too late.
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