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My First Collection Post ~Cacnea & Mijumaru~

Hi everyone! I joined a few months back but have yet to post collection picks, so TA-DA! its time for my 2 main collections Cacnea and Mijumaru (For whatever reason, I hate the name Oshawott, so I use JP name for all my collection purposes)~ I apologize for the picture quality of this post though.. my camera is a piece of junk. I'm just posting my main collections today, since my entire collection is scattered across different places. I will sooner or later get a new camera and post my other large collections of Zorua, Pikachu and Mime Jr. as well. Just wanted to thank everyone in the community for sharing your collections and helping me expand my own!


Full Cacnea Collection
Thanks to everyone here who sold me the figures!
Middle Plush was a comission from Bubble-Rhapsody
Cacnea on the left is a Paperpoké.
Cacnea Japanese square cards and Cacnea Foam.              Cacnea Figures and Keychain.

                Pokemon TCG Cacnea Cards              Thanks to my friends for these Cacnea Cards.


Full Mijumaru Collection

The Miju ontop of the other's head is the very first plush I ever made.

The one he's standing on is the Mijumaru Backpack.

I love the little Bag, it was a gift from my friend Dylan when he went to Japan.

The DS case features Mijumaru (only reason it's in there) and I have the Miju stylus for my DS/3DS.

The booklet and patch are from the Pokemon Trading Card League.

The waving Mijumaru on the foot is a Paperpoké I made.

The other plush in the back is the TY beanie Miju.


The large plush is the 1:1 "larger than life" Mijumaru from the Pokemon Center.
The smaller figure and plush I got at the Pokemon B&W Mall Tour in Colorado.

And Finally The Epicness!
This Gigantic MIjumaru is my own creation. He is about 67" and I Love Him!
He took forever to sew and is the king of my Mijumaru Collection.
This guy is extremely heavy, but he makes the 1:1 plush seem extra small.
If you want to see more pictures of the giant-ness let me know :D

Hope you enjoyed seeing my collection. I will post more of my whole collection at some point~

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